Front door to lights out – the complete smart home experience

SmartRent discuss the complete smart home experience for residents in Build to Rent developments and how it’s an amenity they truly value.

A complete smart home experience using connected devices - SmartRent | BTR News

By SmartRent

Who could have imagined even five years ago how much technology would have progressed? We have cars that drive themselves and apps that can deliver pretty much anything you want at the tap of a button. With the expansion of technology, smart home solutions are no exception.

Properties that offer a full smart home community not only allow residents to enjoy an elevated living experience, but also allow property managers to save time and effort. As residents start to become comfortable using smart home technology, it becomes even more of a must-have amenity.

Residents can control temperature settings, door locks, lighting, small appliances, garage doors and even smart shades! From the moment you enter a building until you turn out the lights, almost every aspect of daily life can be controlled with an app.

Smart parking

It all starts with smart parking – management teams can now easily assign residents a parking space as well as direct and enable guest parking. This feature not only provides management teams with a convenient way to monitor and enforce community parking, but an opportunity to monetise guest parking and gain ancillary revenue.

Smart home access

From building entrances to amenity spaces like pools or gyms, to the front door of each unit, access control has never been easier while still maintaining a secure building. Depending on the smart hardware installed, residents and staff can use fobs, keycards or their smartphone credentials to gain entry to various spaces around the building.

Management teams are busy enough without trying to spare the added time to open doors or provide keys for renters and guests. With just a few clicks in the Community Manager Web platform, staff can give smart access credentials by simply providing a temporary access code that will deactivate after use, allowing more time for property managers to focus on their residents.

Smart home technology in-unit

Before residents even park their car or gain entry to their building and apartment, they have the ability to preset scenes and schedules. They are able to set their preferred room temperature, turn lights on upon entry, or even lower their smart shades with just a press of a button on the SmartRent App, even before arriving home. Once home and relaxed there is nothing worse than climbing into bed and realising the lights are still on. With the tap of a button on their smartphone, residents can turn out the lights. The added convenience of smart home technology is an amenity your residents truly value.

Why it matters

The expansion of smart home technology does not come without challenges, but the added value and convenience certainly outweighs any difficulties. Smart properties engage residents in a new way, one that they are highly unlikely to have experienced in previous rentals. Not only is smart home technology a resident retention strategy, but it’s also a marketing tool for attracting today’s modern resident.

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