Five apps that elevate the rental experience

With the rise of tech solutions, here are some of the apps that are available which elevate the rental experience for residents.

HomeHero app to elevate the rental experience | BTR News

The rental landscape has seen significant change in the past five years. Residents living in rental properties have increasingly high expectations and are looking for an experience akin to owning their own property. The pandemic has seen us spend more time at home than ever before, and the rental market is set to fly in the coming months. Renters are now looking for so much more than somewhere to commute from and are instead looking for a home. 

Gone are the days of leaky taps, hard to contact landlords and complex bills. Renters want a simple and hassle free lifestyle. There’s a rising demand for properties that come equipped with luxury facilities and amenities, from pools to cinema rooms, rooftops and concierge services. Renters are expecting more. As a result, the market has seen an influx of tech solutions, each looking to improve the resident experience. HomeHero list some of the best and easy to use apps that elevate the community based rental experience.


HomeHero is a brand new operating system for the home. The easy to use app sets up your utilities from day one, so your electricity, gas and WIFI are ready to go from the moment you walk in. You can easily report maintenance issues to your landlord through the app and access all the local information and FAQs you might need. In addition, HomeHero connects you with your new neighbourhood – from recommending the best local coffee hotspot, introducing you to the community, to finding local cleaners – you’ll be living like a local in no time. It’s simple and hassle free and allows you to spend less time on ‘life admin’ and more time on the things that really matter. 

Local Halo 

Halo is a smart messenger app that connects you to your neighbours. Talk about the topics that shape where you live, in dedicated groups – from the council’s new road plans, to finding a dog walker and helping those nearby. Local experts jump in to share tips and advice you can use every day. Halo pulls together neighbouring streets to build little communities. In addition, you can easily report issues to the local council, so they can act quickly. Halo build inclusive and safe communities in local areas. 

Ikea Place 

IKEA has been a long standing favourite with renters. The furniture giant has released a new app to spark interior inspiration in your home. The app allows you to place true to scale 3D models in your new home. Combining the latest AR technology and IKEA’s home solutions, residents can experience IKEA like never before. As consumers move towards making more purchases online, this tool enables you to gauge the scale and style of furniture before you buy, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Spike Living

Spike Living is a resident portal that’s designed to improve the day to day lives of people living nearby each other. The platform connects staff and residents in buildings, so you can easily slot into a local thriving community. Through the app, residents can communicate with each other, stay engaged with updates and get involved with local activities as well as managing payments and tenancy documents. 


SmartRent is an enterprise smart home automation company developing software and hardware that empowers property owners, managers and homebuilders to effectively manage, protect and automate daily operational processes. The solution is designed to provide property managers seamless visibility and control over all of their developments’ assets while delivering additional revenue opportunities through all-in-one home control apps for residents. From self-guided tours to parking management and access control, SmartRent’s integrations, partnerships and purpose-built solutions provide endless options for owners and developers to create a customised automation platform that works for them.