Fizzy Living UK first to achieve WiredScore rating across portfolio

Build to Rent operator - Fizzy Living - is the UK’s first company to achieve a WiredScore rating across its entire portfolio.

Fizzy Living communal space with internet connectivity which achieved a WiredScore rating | BTR News

Fizzy Living has become the first company in the UK to achieve a WiredScore Home rating across its entire portfolio. Achieving a Gold or Silver rating at most of its locations, Fizzy Living has been recognised for the quality of it’s digital infrastructure and the exceptional level of connectivity that residents benefit from.

“We know the importance of excellent internet connection which is why we include high speed internet in the rent as standard for our residents. It is a non-negotiable for our residents so it’s a non-negotiable for us. We are committed to providing a best-in-class renter experience so we’re proud to have been recognised in this way by WiredScore.”

Harry Downes, Managing Director, Fizzy Living 

WiredScore Home launched in 2019 as is the digital connectivity rating scheme for the Build to Rent sector. WiredScore allows operators to better communicate the superior in-home digital connectivity experience that their properties provide. WiredScore has certified over 20,000 homes across the UK and Ireland and over 6m people live and work in WiredScore certified buildings.

Connectivity is even more important now than ever. According to a WiredScore report, since 2007, the number of adults spending an average of 24 hours online each week has doubled to 88%. Despite this, Ofcom has revealed that only 6% of UK premises have full fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) connections which deliver ultrafast and consistent internet. Fizzy Living is part of that 6%.

“Achieving a WiredScore rating across a whole portfolio showcases Fizzy Living’s commitment to providing their residents with flexible and reliable digital infrastructure. Connectivity has never been more important and undertaking this commitment demonstrates the forward-thinking approach that Fizzy Living has taken to provide its residents with exceptional digital connectivity.”

Tom McClellan, Country Director, UK and Ireland, WiredScore

Internet connection is available in each apartment at Fizzy Living, and also extends to private terraces and communal spaces – such as roof terraces and lounges. With the majority of Fizzy’s residents now working from home, they can make use of this to work outside as we move into spring and summer.

“My work is reliant on being able to connect remotely to centralised control systems, collaborate with colleagues and attend multiple meetings a day. Also, my partner is a teacher, so whilst she was teaching online from home, a stable, solid internet connection has meant that she has been able to continue teaching with minimal disruption to her and her pupils. It has also ensured my productivity has been able to continue.

“We’ve lived here around nine months and even when my partner is teaching and I’m in meetings, we haven’t experienced slow connections or any loss of service, which is something we often encountered in our previous flat, often having to tether to our phones in order to be able to work.”

Liam, Fizzy Living resident, Fizzy Poplar

Fizzy Living owns and operates seven Build to Rent schemes in locations across London – in Canning Town, Epsom, Poplar, Stepney Green, Walthamstow, Lewisham and Hayes . An eighth location is launching this spring.