First UK-based BTR operator achieves blue tick verification

Quintain Living becomes the first UK based Build to Rent operator to achieve the blue tick verification on Instagram and Facebook.

Resident amenity space at Wembley Park Build to Rent scheme - Quintain Living | BTR News
Resident amenity space at Wembley Park.

Quintain Living, the award-winning management company which oversees the rental of over 3,000 Build to Rent apartments in Wembley Park has achieved coveted blue tick verification on its Instagram and Facebook social media channels.

Quintain Living has an impressive 10,000+ followers on Instagram and 5,293 followers on Facebook. The company was awarded blue tick status on both social media accounts on 8 December 2021, with parent company Quintain Ltd and neighbourhood, Wembley Park, also earning their Instagram and Facebook blue ticks.

“Our social media presence has always been very active. Instagram is the ideal platform to give everyone a taste of what it’s like to live with Quintain Living and within the wider Wembley Park neighbourhood. Alongside that, Facebook is a great way to share details of community events and updates. We’re so excited to have taken the next step with both accounts and achieved those sought-after blue ticks.”

Deepika Sharma, Content Manager, Quintain Living
Quintain Living's Instagram which has achieved blue tick verification | BTR News

Quintain Living is the first Build to Rent operator in the British Isles to have achieved blue tick verification. Known for pioneering the UK Build to Rent sector, the operator is delighted to have achieved yet another first.

“Achieving verification on both channels affirms our credibility as a trustworthy and authentic brand and that Wembley Park is a neighbourhood of public interest in its own right.”

Danielle Bayless, Chief Operating Officer, Quintain Living

Quintain Living has made a name for itself with its exciting range of homes to rent in Wembley Park. The company continues to stretch the limits of what residents can expect – and is setting new standards in renting.

There’s a wide range of choice for renters at Wembley Park. From the family-oriented homes of Canada Gardens to the quirky, eclectic apartments which can be found at The Robinson – and a kitchen to suit all tastes. Within each of Quintain Living’s buildings, the lifestyle extends well beyond the home, with residents enjoying an impressive range of amenities and events – as well as the vast array of cultural pursuits on offer in Wembley Park.