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Build to Rent – The Next Decade: Navigating the future of rented living 2023


Venue: Hilton London Wembley

Early bird rate available until 7 September 2023 and discounted members rate to attend.

Movers & Shakers presents The Build to Rent Forum, the UK’s leading Build to Rent Conference. Now in its ninth year, the highly successful and annual sell-out event is a full day, content driven conference. 

According to the BPF, the number of Build to Rent homes complete, under construction or in planning, stands at over 250,000 homes. Whilst the country struggles with the housing crisis, the demand for rented accommodation has significantly increased, and is set to continue rising.

Over the past five years the sector has grown by 28%, with growth over the last 12 months of 9% (between Q1 2022 and Q1 2023). Build to Rent in the UK regions grew at twice the pace of London (12% and 6% respectively). However, the sector has faced many challenges that have contributed to its slow down.

Construction costs, cost of debt, investment yield movements, and the uncertainty around regulations are just some of the obstacles that residential developers and investors have been facing.

So, how will Build to Rent shape up over the next decade?

This year’s conference will focus on the theme of ‘Build to Rent – The Next Decade: Navigating the future of rented living’ and will include discussions around the future of Build to Rent and rented living in the UK, and how Build to Rent can build on its successful ten-year growth and move into its next decade.

Overcoming its current obstacles and delivering homes that are inclusive and accessible seem to be the main topics of focus, and ones that are arguably having the most impact.

The one-day conference which will host four panel discussions and four presentations, will navigate the future of rented living from both a ‘market/corporate growth’ and ‘design for living’ perspective. Alongside this, discussions will also involve topics such as technology and the impact on Build to Rent operations, sustainable living, and how creating, developing, and sustaining a ‘brand’ is important in a constantly moving and increasingly competitive marketplace.

Managing Director of Movers & Shakers Leigh Salter will welcome attendees with Chairman David Jennings concluding the day.

This conference is aimed at organisations and individuals who are actively involved in the Build to Rent sector, such as investors, developers, housing associations and members of local government.

Thursday 5 October
08:30 — 17:30 (9h)


Movers & Shakers