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New partnership announced to deliver data capturing solutions to provide measurable value to Build to Rent operators.

Residential building measuring data for wellness - Utopi | Ask4 | BTR News

A new strategic partnership has been announced between Utopi and Ask4 – at a time when Build to Rent operators are exploring new ways to make their buildings smart and sustainable assets. Utopi is a leading IoT and Data Integration SaaS provider. Using specialist and in-house developed smart sensors, the company collects live and actionable data from managed residential accommodation. The data is then available in real time via the UtopiConnect platform, which integrates with other cloud-based products such as resident apps and sustainability accreditation platforms.

“Data is the route to a more sustainable future, and we have designed solutions to make data both more accessible and affordable. Through a strategic partnership with ASK4, a company we admire and with whom we share the same high standards and values, we hope to see more of the PBSA and Build to Rent sectors realise the potential of their, as yet unharnessed, data.”

Jonathan Burridge, CEO, Utopi

Utopi supports Build to Rent investors, developers and operators on their journey to improving their ESG performance through solutions designed to increase the value of assets – while also improving operational efficiency and creating positive resident experiences. 

“Engaging with ESG standards is of ever-increasing importance for our clients, and we are delighted to be partnering with an organisation offering compelling solutions for capturing data and turning that data into measurable operational and asset-level value.” 

Jonathan Burrows, Founder and CEO, ASK4