ESG social impact: placemaking in Build to Rent

Placemaking, how design can be sustainable, and a solution to strengthening Build to Rent investors, developers and financial institutions’ ESG credentials at such a critical time.

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Our team is working on a more sustainable approach to our Build to Rent schemes, keen to show investors, developers and financial institutions how design can be sustainable, a solution to strengthening their ESG credentials at such a critical time.


Working closely with developers, when starting a new project there are many factors to building a successful new home for residents and the community. For AGC BTR, as well as designing for the target demographic other factors include local amenities, quality of finish and more importantly, placemaking.

How does placemaking affect Build to Rent developments?

For those who don’t know about placemaking, it is an all-rounded approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. Homing in on a local community’s assets, the idea is to build a strong sense of community by incorporating the concept of wellbeing, considering both physical and mental health.

So how are we working with developers on their placemaking? Since the pandemic, the creation of a strong sense of local community has become an even more important factor for developers when looking at new sites to build on. When speaking to our clients, often we are now being approached to help the creation of a strong social support network in spaces which are designed to be both striking in design, but also welcoming and homely too.

Building a community

From a design perspective, we sometimes have to adapt and look more at what the local residents of the area and tenants need rather than just what looks good. An example of this is One West Point.

Working closely with City & Docklands, an extensive premium list of services will be available to residents and the local neighbourhood, setting the benchmark for West London living. Fully adapted to the new hybrid working model many people are experiencing, One West Point will be home to a ‘Resident’s Study’ perfect for future collaborative opportunities and a comfy spot to work from whilst the world goes by. AWOL offers One West Point tenants a 5* experience while being part of a connected lifestyle. The communal areas will also host an endless list of social events and adaptable zones to explore. Residents will have access to a resident’s bar, coffee shop, top of the range gym facilities, a children’s soft play area, a day-care centre for your furry four-legged friends and more!

Our award-winning service

We devote our time to researching the area and target demographic for your project. We explore every aspect of the resident’s lifestyle by putting ourselves in their shoes, allowing us to tailor our designs to each development, client and location. Always considering our client’s key aspirations for the development and their sustainability journey, we deliver a seamless service with maximum appeal and return.

Offering interior architecture, show home and furniture range design all under one roof, AGC are obsessed with supplying a superior multi-unit product that, in turn, maximises investment return. For more information about our Build to Rent offering or latest project, get in touch directly with our team at or call +44 (0)20 3651 3325.