Elevating BTR and hospitality interiors: the power of plants with Plant Drop

In a world where concrete often overshadows greenery, AGC BTR, paired up with Plant Drop, is redefining urban living with a focus on verdant harmony.

AGC BTR and Plant Drop reflect on the design and aesthetics of sustainable and environmental Build to Rent homes | BTR News
AGC BTR and Plant Drop reflect on the design and aesthetics of sustainable and environmental Build to Rent homes.

Our recent initiative, the Author King’s Cross project, collaborated with Conran & Partners, is more than just a testament to our prowess in Build to Rent interior design; it’s a statement of our commitment to creating eco-friendly green spaces in the heart of London.


As a B Corp certified company, we understand the transformative power of internal planting – not just as an aesthetic choice, but as an essential component of sustainable and responsible living. Author King’s Cross is a celebration of our dedication to eco-friendly interior design, seamlessly integrating indoor plants within the meticulously curated amenity spaces. Here, every corner, from the captivating entrance lobby to the lush kitchen garden and the sprawling co-working lounge – is designed to provide an exceptional living experience, where comfort, functionality, and style are complemented by the serene touch of greenery.

At the heart of Plant Drop’s ethos is a vision to reconnect urbanites with the natural world. Founded on the principle that plants are more than mere decorative elements, they are essential companions in our daily lives. Plant Drop has pioneered the concept of bringing nature into urban spaces, this philosophy resonates with our own. Our partnership with Plant Drop is more than a collaboration; it’s a merging of shared ideals. We are both dedicated to sustainable practices and creating environments that elevate the standard of living. Here, every space is crafted to enhance life, with sustainability and wellbeing at its core.

Explore the power of internal planting in interiors with Author King’s Cross

Author King's Cross | AGC BTR | Plant Drop | BTR News
Author King’s Cross.

In the innovative sphere of Build to Rent and hospitality interior design, internal planting is not just a random thought – it’s a cornerstone of creating vibrant, healthful living spaces. The lush greenery provided by Plant Drop transforms spaces into serene havens, improving air quality and bringing a sense of calm to the urban landscape.

Plants play a crucial role in purifying the air, reducing stress levels, and enhancing overall wellbeing. In the Author King’s Cross project, each plant is thoughtfully selected and placed to create a harmonious balance between natural elements and modern Build to Rent interiors, to provide a relaxing, exceptional living experience for the residents.

The stairwells are graced by cascading devil’s ivy, creating a green curtain that softens the transition between floors. In the communal co-working space, the arrangement of snake plants and peace lilies contributes not only to the air quality but also to a calm, focused atmosphere.

Author King's Cross | AGC BTR | Plant Drop | BTR News
Author King’s Cross.

This approach is central to our vision of premium Build to Rent interior design, where each element contributes to an atmosphere that’s not only visually stunning, but also emotionally and physically nurturing. By bringing the outside in, we offer a sanctuary from the urban hustle, turning every Build to Rent furniture arrangement into a celebration of nature’s tranquillity and restorative power.

Future trends in interior design and planting: pioneering a green revolution

As a B-Corp certified company, we take its commitment to sustainability seriously. The Author King’s Cross project reflects this ethos. We believe in ‘ESG interior design’, where every decision is made with an eye towards Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) factors. Our collaboration with Plant Drop is more than a business venture; it’s a step towards a more sustainable future.

Author King's Cross | AGC BTR | Plant Drop | BTR News
Author King’s Cross.

We, look towards the future. AGC BTR is at the forefront of shaping new trends in ‘Build to Rent furniture’ and interior design, with a strong emphasis on incorporating natural elements. The integration of plants into living spaces is evolving into a fundamental aspect of design philosophy. This evolution reflects a growing awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability and mental wellbeing in our living spaces. We envision a future where indoor plants are an integral part of every Build to Rent and hospitality interior, where luxury Build to Rent and hotel furniture is not just about high-end materials, but also about creating an eco-friendly, rejuvenating environment.

This forward-thinking approach is part of our commitment to ESG principles in interior design, underscoring our role as a B Corp certified company. In this way, AGC BTR is not just designing spaces for today; we are cultivating the homes of tomorrow, rich in greenery, sustainability and wellbeing.

Through our collaboration with Plant Drop in the Author King’s Cross, we continue to redefine the standards of Build to Rent and hospitality interior design.

Get in touch with the team to explore more about this project and our range of services. Join us in shaping the future of living – reach out to AGC BTR today.

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