Connect the whole BTR building with no half measures

BT, EE’s parent company introduces EE Personal WiFi - which has been designed for Build to Rent residents.

Connecting a whole Build to Rent building with no half measures - EE | BTR News

BT, EE’s parent company, has provided world-class, secure guest wi-fi in the hospitality industry for 20 years, since 2002. Research and market insight tells us that as well as being a trusted and reliable partner for huge brands such as M&S, Barclays, John Lewis and JLL, we’re also a dependable household name for consumers up and down the country. Our outstanding connectivity is at the heart of this sparkling reputation.


Redesigning the future

However, for the fast-moving Build to Rent market and its renters, the requirements are a little different. Reputation needs innovation. That’s why EE is launching Personal WiFi, a wi-fi product built especially for the Build to Rent sector, powered by 100% renewable electricity.

See, demands and expectations from renters are now sky-high. A typical, modern renter in a Build to Rent home – often of the millennial generation – is innovative, conscious about their impact on environment and tech-savvy; connecting and using multiple devices at any one time. To put it bluntly, a great product at a fair price is no longer enough.

Instead, they want and need something more. Something different and unique to the market. Something they feel has been developed for them and their needs. By nature, this new generation of renters may be more willing to take risks. But when their world revolves around staying online, a broken connection is one risk they won’t take. And as property developers, neither should you.

“If you’re looking for renters to commit to long-term rental agreements, often with set pricing, it’s more important than ever to reach the heights renters expect of their homes. To achieve this level of trust and loyalty, the customer service, amenities, and connectivity of your premises must be world-class.” 

Helen Brett, Senior Account Manager, EE

Recent studies and resident reviews have shown that when Build to Rent developments offer inclusive bills and wi-fi, resident satisfaction and facilities and management scores were much higher – well above average.

This is where EE comes in.

BT’s reputation is EE’s gain

While BT is established and trusted for wi-fi in the industry, we know that Build to Rent developments have a different set of requirements. These requirements have been addressed through EE’s new wi-fi product, which is specifically designed with Built to Rent in mind.

Our new product, EE Personal WiFi, is pervasive providing inch by inch coverage throughout the building, meaning wherever residents go in the building, their wi-fi goes with them – and only them. It is secure wi-fi, meaning it’s personal, private and no-one else in the building can access it. Whether residents working from home, working out, or simply keeping the family connected, this new product encapsulates the ‘always on’ ethos millennials and connected families have grown to expect.

Personal wi-fi benefits

  • Unbroken connection – meaning there’s no need to log on to different wi-fi areas within a building.
  • Private wi-fi for residents means they can work for home with the peace of mind that they are not sharing confidential information over public wi-fi.
  • One payment – wi-fi in your buildings can now be included in the monthly charge your customers pay, making their lives easier.
  • The product is built for simplistic device connectivity within the building.
  • Easy to set up and manage from a central log in freeing up concierge time.
  • Powered by 100% renewable electricity. Just one of the steps we’re taking today for a better tomorrow.
  • Fully managed solution and 24/7 proactively monitored network.

This is world-class, reliable connectivity for the modern consumer, like never before.

We’re not dipping our toes – we’re already in the pool

Our work with Greystar – the global leader in rental housing – shows BT’s innovation and future possibilities at its best. Not just in technology advancements, but in the B2B customer service also. Together, BT and Greystar collaborated to provide ultra -fast broadband with bespoke account management, BT Sport access in the communal areas and community building activities. This shows we understand both the market and ever-changing requirement of Build to Rent property owners and residents.

“We’ve been very excited to partner with BT. Since the start of the partnership the team at BT have been instrumental in ensuring our residents have a smooth transition from their previous address and internet provider to their new address with BT. They have swiftly and professionally dealt with any problems that have arisen from handing over a brand-new site with new postcodes. Our residents are thrilled to have the BT sports package and we look forward to hosting our first sports event at the end of the month.”

Chrisanne Hart, Community Manager, Greystar

Look no further than EE.

glh have 36 hotels across the UK, 15 of which are in London, where competition is especially high. Knowing the value of great wi-fi, glh wanted to give their guests the best wi-fi experience they’d ever achieved – better than at home, and better than the competition. And they chose BT Wi-Fi. glh wanted to move at speed, installing superfast, free, unlimited wi-fi with the simplest connection – just one click. We worked closely with the general manager from each hotel and their IT department – this collaboration made sure everything ran smoothly. During the installations, every hotel stayed open and we worked with minimal disruption. As each building has a different structure, we tailored each installation, considering the exact location of 2,800 access points. With this planning we could keep the wi-fi connection consistent throughout the hotels.

“Pillars, mirrors, the changing dynamics of a building, a decorator knocking an access point – these buildings move and live, and BT understand that.”

Chris Hewertson, CTO, GLH

If you’d like to know more, contact Helen Brett, Senior Account Manager at or Jo Guite, Senior Account Manager at