deverellsmith podcast: John Angus – switching up the BTR industry

A New Lease of Life podcast: deverellsmith speaks to John Angus about its move into Build to Rent, service, and customer retention and satisfaction.

deverellsmith podcast - John Angus - switching up the Build to Rent industry | BTR News

Hosted by deverellsmith’s Head of Build to Rent Nick Hammond as part of the ‘A New Lease of Life’ sub-series, Switch Hospitality Management’s Managing Director John Angus discusses his recent venture into the Build to Rent industry. The discussion explores his strategic vision for Switch and offers insights into where the Build to Rent landscape is headed in the next five to ten years.

Journey before Switch

John explains that his journey in the hospitality industry began as a hotel management graduate, taking a turn when he transitioned to working with independent property owners. This led him to work for a company led by an entrepreneurial owner, but John’s path eventually led him back to the corporate world where he established his own company, marking the birth of Switch.

Today, Switch has grown to a dedicated team of 320 staff members across the group and is heading towards its 2nd anniversary.

Taking a step into Build to Rent

John explains that their partnership with Seven Capital – who not only own a couple of the buildings that Switch manages but are also valued shareholders in the company – drove their move into the Build to Rent sector.

During this journey, John realised that Build to Rent is fundamentally about service, and at its core, about customer retention and satisfaction – which is what Switch and its team do daily. By putting hotel-trained reception and customer service teams into a Build to Rent development, John found that customer retention and yields grow greatly.