Designing BTR communal living spaces the LOFT way

Covid-19 has changed the world. Now more than ever, it’s clear how important a community is towards improving our mental health and general wellbeing. LOFT share their experiences of designing communal spaces that encourage residents to connect with each other in a safe and socially distant way.

Union Wharf communal living spaces for residents - LOFT | BTR News
Union Wharf communal living space.

By Benjamin Hall, MD, LOFT

Every community needs somewhere to meet up, hang out and develop close-knit connections. In Build to Rent developments, it’s communal living spaces that fulfil this need. 

LOFT always keeps the wellbeing of residents in mind when designing communal areas. Our years of experience has given us a thorough insight into what residents want and need to form meaningful communities. 

Suitable spaces

Build to Rent properties are well known for being hubs of social activity for residents with coliving and communities at the heart. Creating suitable communal spaces to achieve this will leave residents feeling comfortable and at home in their surroundings.

Union Wharf communal living space - LOFT | BTR News

At LOFT, our interior design ensures communal living spaces are fit for purpose. We understand shared areas need to be wide and open, so several people can meet up without feeling overcrowded. To create a laid-back atmosphere and to keep the conversation going, carefully placed and comfortable seating is vital in Build to Rent developments. Finding the right colour scheme is important, too, as the right shades can make a space brighter and more inviting. 

Our award-winning interior design team knows exactly how to fashion the perfect space for Build to Rent residents. Our portfolio provides a clearer picture on how we can design interior spaces in developments.

Remember your target market

While many Build to Rent developments are aimed at younger generations, coliving appeals to a wide range of people. Students, families, and retirees are all key markets you should be looking into. With that said, you’ll need to keep in mind these different demographics have unique wants and needs from communal living spaces.

Union Wharf communal living space - LOFT | BTR News

Students will want group study areas, families will want to form playgroups, and retirees consider safety and mobility aspects. No matter who you want to attract to your Build to Rent development, having the right interior designers with the knowledge to create and execute the perfect layout is essential.

The future of Build to Rent communal living spaces

Covid-19 has affected many businesses and industries in ways none of us could ever have imagined. We’re expecting public demand for Build to Rent to remain high, but social distancing measures will most likely stay in our minds for quite some time yet.

Designing communal living spaces where residents can meet up and stay safe can be a challenge, but our team specialises in getting the most out of any space available to them. Keeping the main goal of ensuring happiness and wellbeing in mind is the key to success and adapting to the situation is what we do best.

Union Wharf communal living space - LOFT | BTR News

Designing communal living spaces for residents

LOFT has a huge amount of success in the Build to Rent sector because we know the wellbeing and mental health of residents must come first. By putting the end users firmly in our frame of mind, our team creates and furnishes perfect communal living spaces for Build to Rent developments.

Covering the whole of the UK, the knowledge and expertise we’ve gained is paramount towards the success of a Build to Rent development. Get in touch with a member of our team to see how we can help.