Creating connections: the vital role of community spaces in BTR developments

AGC BTR reflects on how thoughtfully designed residential amenities can enhance the Build to Rent living experience.

AGC BTR on the importance of community amenities in Build to Rent schemes | BTR News

In today’s rapidly evolving housing market, the concept of Build to Rent is gaining significant traction in the UK. According to the British Property Federation, the number of Build to Rent homes increased by 25% year-on-year in 2023, reaching over 85,000 units. This growth has paralleled the increase in on-site amenities, which have become almost essential in new build developments.


Community spaces are becoming increasingly important in creating a strong community bond among residents. As the Build to Rent market continues to grow, the integration of well-designed community spaces is proving essential in attracting and retaining tenants.

Author King's Cross | AGC BTR | BTR News
Author King’s Cross.

Importance of amenity space: enhancing quality of life

Amenity spaces in Build to Rent developments are more than just extra perks; they are essential to the project’s success. These spaces provide residents with places to relax, socialise and engage in recreational activities, contributing to their overall wellbeing. More importantly, they foster a sense of belonging and community, which is crucial in urban environments where people often feel isolated. By offering well-designed community spaces, Build to Rent developments can differentiate themselves from traditional rental properties and attract a diverse range of tenants.

Author King's Cross | AGC BTR | BTR News
Author King’s Cross.

Branding and market appeal: showcasing the Build to Rent brand

Community spaces in Build to Rent developments do more than provide a communal area; they are integral to creating a unique identity for the development. These spaces can be designed to cater to the specific needs and desires of the target audience, thereby enhancing the overall appeal of the development.

For example, a Build to Rent development aimed at young professionals might feature sleek, modern co-working spaces and high-speed internet, while a development targeting families might include play areas and family-friendly amenities. By tailoring these amenities to their audience, Build to Rent developments can attract the right tenants and establish a strong market presence.

Author King's Cross | AGC BTR | BTR News
Author King’s Cross.

Designing a community space

Designing community spaces within a Build to Rent development requires careful consideration of the diverse needs of residents. We always keep in mind that different age groups and life stages have different requirements, and a successful community space must cater to all of them. Here are some key considerations:

1.     Flexibility

Spaces that can adapt to various uses, such as a play area for children during the day that transforms into a social hub for adults in the evening, offer incredible versatility and maximise the functionality of any environment. These dynamic spaces cater to the evolving needs of their users, ensuring that the area remains vibrant and relevant throughout the day.

2.     Accessibility

Ensuring all residents, including those with disabilities, can easily use the amenities is an important aspect of creating an inclusive community. This involves implementing accessible design features, such as ramps, wider doorways, and adaptive equipment, to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Author King's Cross | AGC BTR | BTR News
Author King’s Cross.

3.     Comfort

Providing comfortable and inviting furnishings and décor to create a warm and welcoming environment that everyone can enjoy. Our focus is on offering high-quality, stylish pieces that enhance both comfort and aesthetic appeal in any space.

4.     Wellness

Including wellness-focused amenities can greatly enhance residents’ quality of life, making Build to Rent developments more than just places to live but sanctuaries for wellbeing. With a growing focus on health, future community spaces will feature more wellness-centric amenities like fitness centres, yoga studios, meditation rooms, and outdoor exercise areas.

5.     Sustainability

Sustainability is essential for modern Build to Rent developments. Integrating eco-friendly features like green roofs, energy-efficient lighting, and sustainable materials. Community gardens and urban farming areas are also popular, enabling residents to grow their own produce and connect with nature.

Author King's Cross | AGC BTR | BTR News
Author King’s Cross.

Case study: Author King’s Cross

Our project at Author King’s Cross showcases our dedication to crafting inclusive community spaces. This development is designed to serve a diverse group of residents, providing amenities that encourage interaction and foster a strong community spirit.

From an impressive statement entrance lobby and a lush kitchen garden to a private lounge and state-of-the-art screening room, Author King’s Cross offers something for everyone.

Additional amenities include a spacious gym, a cosy co-working nook, and an expansive co-working and lounge area in the central courtyard. Each amenity is thoughtfully curated to provide flexibility, enabling residents – whether young students, those seeking a convenient pied-à-terre near King’s Cross Station, or corporate tenants – to adapt their surroundings to meet their specific needs and preferences.

The design of Author King’s Cross reflects our commitment to creating community spaces that are both welcoming and functional for all. By offering a variety of amenities, we ensure that every resident feels valued and included.

Author King's Cross | AGC BTR | BTR News
Author King’s Cross gym with Technogym equipment..

How can AGC BTR help?

At AGC BTR, we specialise in designing and developing spaces that enhance the living experience in Build to Rent developments. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each project, ensuring that the community spaces we create are both functional and appealing.

  • Custom Design: Tailored solutions that reflect the brand identity and target audience of each development.
  • Comprehensive Planning: From initial concept to final implementation, we handle every aspect of your Build to Rent development.
  • Sustainable Solutions: We prioritise eco-friendly designs that promote sustainability and well-being.
Author King's Cross | AGC BTR | BTR News
Author King’s Cross.

Community spaces in Build to Rent developments play a vital role in creating a sense of belonging and enhancing the living experience. By understanding the needs of their target audience and designing flexible, inclusive environments, Build to Rent developments can distinguish themselves in a competitive market. At AGC BTR, we focus on creating unique community spaces, helping residents feel welcome from the start.

With our expertise, we can help you create community spaces that not only attract tenants but also foster a sense of belonging and community. Get in touch to discuss your project with us, and sign up for our newsletter to keep up with the latest updates and discoveries.

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