Cortland sets bold ambitions for UK Build to Rent growth

Cortland evolves its resident-centric model with bold ambitions for UK Build to Rent growth as a third-party operator.

Colliers Yard. Image credit | BTR News
Colliers Yard. Image credit: It's Me Louis Photography.

Build to Rent real estate investment, development, and management company Cortland has outlined its ambitions as a third-party operator in the UK’s Build to Rent sector.

The company has been evolving its resident-centric model specifically for investors and developers seeking to select a third-party operator.

“Two decades of experience owning, developing, and managing multifamily in the US gives Cortland’s UK business a strong advantage over current operators. Cortland can provide the market with unrivalled operational knowledge, advanced customer relationship management technology, and the most comprehensive set of investor data available. I’m excited to launch this offer to the market and establish Cortland as the sector’s number one third-party operator.”

Jo Green, Head of Business Development, Cortland

The refreshed model takes the company’s signature resident experience expertise and couples it with the most advanced investor reporting and strategic asset optimisation strategies in the market today.

Before the change in operations, Cortland was already a well-established Build to Rent operator, with c.2,500 units under management for external investors in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Stevenage, Leicester, Reading, Watford and Birmingham.

“We have ambitious growth aspirations, and this revised model brings together our deep sector capability, commercial acumen and truly resident-centric approach to create a unique offer for investors and developers looking for superior management skills.”

Victoria Quinlan, President (Europe), Cortland