Cordia Blackswan unveils plans to improve Birmingham’s Great Hampton Street

Cordia Blackswan unveils plans to improve Birmingham’s Great Hampton Street, where the Lamp Works BTR scheme is being constructed.

The Lamp Works Build to Rent scheme on Great Hampton Street, Birmingham - Cordia Blackswan | BTR News
The Lamp Works BTR scheme on Great Hampton Street, Birmingham.

Birmingham-based developer – Cordia Blackswan – has announced its masterplan for the enhancement of Birmingham’s Great Hampton Street – where the developer is constructing a Build to Rent scheme on the corner of Great Hampton Street and Harford Street. The developer is working in consultation with both Birmingham City Council and the Jewellery Quarter BID. Works are due to start by the end of 2021 with the project to be completed in phases. 

Great Hampton Street is currently home to nine of Cordia Blackswan’s key developments, including the refurbishment of the former Gothic Pub into 50 high quality apartments; construction of the Lamp Works Build to Rent development; and Bradford Works shared living HMO scheme. 

The road, which connects the Hockley area of the city to the Colmore Business District at Snowhill, was once a key gateway to the Birmingham’s prestigious Jewellery Quarter, but over recent years has suffered from underinvestment. Featuring four lanes and as wide as Oxford Street, it currently forms a barrier for pedestrians travelling from the Jewellery Quarter, with few crossings. 

The company has also recently relocated its headquarters to the former Lloyds bank at 22A Great Hampton Street, with work on the building underway to transform it into offices and a ground floor café. 

At the heart of Cordia Blackswan’s approach to development is considering the positive impact that its developments have on the wider community, ‘beyond the red line’ of the site boundary. 

This ranges from the design and use of suitable materials in the buildings, to the inclusion of high-quality retail and leisure spaces that will attract bars, restaurants and retailers appropriate to the area and development, attracting visitors and supporting the local economy. 

The company’s ambition is to deliver this vision on a large scale for Great Hampton Street – creating a new neighbourhood for the city through their bespoke ‘placemaking’ ethos, with its own unique character and amenities. 

“Birmingham holds a very special place for us, and we are absolutely committed in supporting the city in realising its ambitions to be a contemporary, 21st Century destination. 

“Great Hampton Street has the potential to be a truly outstanding location and a place that will both serve the residents of the area and attract visitors from across the city and beyond who want to come and experience the area for themselves.

“We believe that Great Hampton Street represents a prime opportunity to showcase our placemaking approach and support the growth of the Jewellery Quarter and create an appealing, contemporary urban setting for local people to enjoy for years to come.”

Marcus Hawley, Managing Director, Cordia Blackswan