CompassRock deploys Aon’s ‘mind-blowing’ neurotech survey platform

CompassRock deploys Aon’s ‘mind-blowing’ neurotech survey platform – Reflection - to assess resident wellbeing at the Market Quarter Build to Rent site.

Launch of the Market Quarter Build to Rent scheme. CompassRock deploys Aon’s Reflection neurotech survey platform at the scheme | BTR News
Launch of the Market Quarter Build to Rent scheme. CompassRock deploys Aon’s Reflection neurotech survey platform at the scheme.

Build to Rent Asset and Property Manager, CompassRock International, recently trialled Reflection, an innovative new neurotech survey platform from global professional services firm Aon, to assess resident wellbeing at Market Quarter (formerly known as Bow Square), a 279-unit Build to Rent development in Southampton, which CompassRock manages.

Traditional survey methods had fallen short of uncovering residents’ hidden attitudes and emotions, prompting the deployment of Aon’s neurotech survey platform, Reflection. CompassRock specifically sought deep insights into residents’ unfiltered attitudes toward sustainability, comfort, homeliness, happiness and overall wellbeing.

CompassRock’s primary goal for the trial was to identify enhanced insight on actionable areas for improvement, aiming to enhance the resident experience, reduce void periods, and increase rental income at Market Quarter.

“Reflection is mind-blowing. It’s very difficult to ‘unsee’ it once you experience the impact it has on where and how you focus your strategy, resources and budget.” 

Dominic Martin, Managing Director, CompassRock

Reflection utilises the Implicit Reaction Time (IRT) test to measure what people are prepared to say (explicit, moderated responses) and augments this with what they truly feel (implicit, unfiltered responses).

Used for over 40 years by social psychologists and brands, the method helps them understand what drives consumer behaviours, and supports them in connecting with their audience in a more meaningful and effective way.

It’s been highly successful in uncovering the emotions and non-conscious response patterns that shape people’s perceptions, guide their preferences, and trigger their decisions.

“Reflection can be deployed in any situation where a deeper understanding of key stakeholders, and what drives their behaviours and attitudes, is required. It can be applied to any asset class and at multiple points in the asset lifecycle, from pre-planning in order to gain insight from the local community, through to pre-refurbishment to understand what occupiers really value.” 

Emma Vigus, Business Development Director in the Aon Real Estate practice

Aon typically manages the development and implementation of Reflection, from survey design to reporting and action planning. However, organisations can also opt for self-service. Reflection’s simplicity, adaptability, and accessibility make it a powerful tool for ongoing evaluations in various organisational contexts.

Based on the findings of the trial, CompassRock will roll out a full version of the Reflections survey across all its Build to Rent properties, via its sister company GAA.

CompassRock will also advise other clients on how to apply this innovative approach to gain a better understanding of their residents’ wellbeing across the Build to Rent sector.