Citylifer become winners at this year’s Co-living Awards

With the award being focussed on projects in the development phase, The Citylifer wins the Emerging Co-living Concept Award.

The Citylifer win the Emerging Co-living Concept Award at the 2023 Co-living Awards | BTR News
The Citylifer win the Emerging Co-living Concept Award at the 2023 Co-living Awards.

Dutch co-living brand The Citylifer wins the Emerging Co-living Concept Award at the 2023 Co-living Awards. Winning the award for its ‘Smart and affordable co-living spaces in upcycled buildings’ concept, Citylifer’s project was an in-depth presentation that showed the unique features of the co-living concept, including community clustering, upcycling unused office buildings, and optimising space to make urban living affordable.

The Lead Judge for the category Alexia Nunes praised the company for its sustainable approach to refurbishing office buildings and its innovative architectural design.

“The Citylifer presents a compelling concept. Transforming ‘to be refurbished’ office buildings showcases inventive and sustainable thinking and an opportunistic approach we certainly need in current urban contexts. The commitment to fostering local communities organically, paired with exceptionally innovative architectural design, underscores the project’s ambitious nature.”

Alexia Nunes, Lead Judge, the Emerging Co-living Concept Category

The Co-living Awards have been created to foster innovation in the sector, aiming to give visibility to the brightest minds and inspire the next generation of real estate market players by identifying disruptive solutions and concepts.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have won the Emerging Co-living Concept Award. Having just launched our concept this year, I’m thankful that the co-living market acknowledges and appreciates our ideas around community, affordability and sustainability. This is just the beginning; we cannot wait to bring our ideas to life. We are close to signing a few very promising projects, so stay tuned!”

Tjeerd Hoes, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, The Citylifer

From over 70 entries spanning 17 categories and hailing from countries including The Netherlands, Indonesia, the UK and Australia, a lead jury for each category meticulously selected the finalists.

“We dedicated a year to develop The Citylifer concept in collaboration with Cutwork, a design studio specialised in developing new ways to live and work. To unite affordability with liveability, we have developed the High Five, a multifunctional design that transforms six sqm into 24 sqm usable area. As newcomers, winning the award fills us with pride and reaffirms our commitment to create buildings with affordable smart homes, fostering vibrant communities.”

Davine Hoes-Nagel, Co-founder and Head of Branding & Interior Design, Citylifer

Each project underwent thorough analysis and evaluation against a specified, strict set of criteria, with the decision hinging on a partial public vote (accounting for 35%) and the remaining percentage determined by a judging panel.

“The essence of Co-living Awards lies in our mission and vision to discover and shine a spotlight on innovative projects worldwide. The Emerging Coliving Concept category is, in many respects, one of the most exhilarating categories, as it showcases projects with significant potential in the global shared living landscape. As the program lead for Co-living Awards, I am honoured to acknowledge a project like The Citylifer. From the project itself to the stakeholders involved, you can sense the dedication, care, and professionalism that has gone into it.”

Aitana de Jong, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Co-living Ventures / Co-living Awards / Co-living Insights

The winners were announced at this year’s global ceremony held in Amsterdam.

“Cutwork was proud to add our design expertise to The Citylifer concept, an innovative real estate offering reimagining the future of affordable urban co-living. We are confident The Citylifer is going to make an amazing project which we are all proud to be a part of.”

Kelsea Crawford, Co-founder and CEO, Cutwork Studio

Among the 17 categories, the Emerging Co-living Concept Award is designated for projects in the development phase.