Citygate and UCEA partner to address UK housing crisis

The collaboration between Citygate and UCEA signifies a commitment to improving housing accessibility and affordability across the UK.

Houses for Build to Rent - Photo by Pavlo Rekun on Unsplash | BTR News
Photo by Pavlo Rekun on Unsplash

UK-based social housing investment firm Citygate and distinguished third-generation single-family office UCEA have announced a ground-breaking partnership aimed at tackling the UK’s housing crisis.

In an ambitious move to address this urgent social issue, Citygate and UCEA will embark on a global capital and awareness-raising campaign. The initiative will span six key financial hubs: Zurich, Singapore, London, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai. This strategic outreach is designed to draw international attention and investment into innovative housing solutions that can serve as a model for social impact and sustainability in real estate investment.

Citygate brings to the partnership a wealth of experience in developing and financing multifamily housing projects that not only offer financial returns, but also make a tangible difference in communities. UCEA, with its diverse investment portfolio and expertise in real estate and sustainability, complements Citygate’s mission with a shared vision for building a better future through responsible investment.

This partnership represents a unique opportunity for global investors to contribute to a solution for the UK housing crisis while achieving sustainable returns. Citygate and UCEA invite interested parties to join this critical initiative.