Centrick launches new Build to Rent platform VICI at MIPIM

Property specialists Centrick launch their new Build to Rent platform VICI at the MIPIM event in Cannes this month.

Centrick is launching BTR service VICI at MIPIM | BTR News
Centrick is launching Build to Rent service VICI at MIPIM.

MIPIM is the world’s largest international real estate event, held at Cannes, France. At this year’s event, property specialists Centrick will launch their new Build to Rent platform VICI.

The developers are aiming for VICI to be the only end-to-end Build to Rent solution for property developers and funds, as a result of the Build to Rent sector’s increasing success and popularity.

The British Property Federation recently conducted a report, showing that the UK Build to Rent sector grew by 15% between Q3 2021 and Q3 2022, with regional Build to Rent schemes expanding at almost triple the pace of London (20% vs 7%) in the same period.

Over 240,000 Build to Rent homes are either completed, under construction, or in planning, with completed Build to Rent homes increasing to reach more than 380,000 in the next decade with the sector’s value growing to £170bn, the report predicts.

Centrick are recognised as one of the pioneers in the Build to Rent sector and understand that the market is ever-changing.

To adapt with the sector, VICI was created “…by combining Centrick’s world-class talent, industry leading technology, unmatched lettings team, and our management and practical expertise”, says James Ackrill, Company Founder at Centrick.

James also believes that VICI will bridge the gap between the Build to Rent market and its consumers.

“VICI will deliver seamless performance at all stages of the Build to Rent journey – connecting the dots between people, platforms and experience.”

James Ackrill, Company Founder, Centrick

The challenges of buying a home have risen in recent years, and James acknowledges this hardship.

He believes that the growing Build to Rent sector will create a solution to the housing crisis, particularly for young people.

“There is a demographic of young people finding it increasingly difficult to buy their own homes, leading to a greater need for high quality homes to rent. The Build to Rent sector is very well-placed to make a major contribution to the provision of thousands of much needed new homes and is an attractive proposition for investors and developers.”

James Ackrill, Company Founder, Centrick

Centrick has experienced exponential growth in recent years, with successful offices in Birmingham, London, Nottingham, Solihull and Southampton.

Ahead of the highly anticipated launch, the Centrick team are looking forward to seeing the VICI platform grow and succeed.

“We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of the VICI brand and platform at MIPIM, the world’s greatest international real estate event. Centrick has extensive experience in the Build to Rent sector and this new, dedicated division will work alongside developers and funds operating in the rapidly expanding Build to Rent sector. Investment in Build to Rent has soared in recent years and it has the potential to grow significantly in cities and towns right across the UK.”

James Ackrill, Company Founder, Centrick

Driving Centrick’s success on the directing board, Build to Rent specialist Neelam Saihjpal was recently appointed as director to lead the new VICI team in its journey to win business across the UK.

“Centrick has been delivering solutions and services for Build to Rent clients for many years and has successfully managed [several] Build to Rent sites. Crucially, we’re not just advising clients, we’re operational experts at every stage, letting and managing these developments with a strong focus on community engagement. The launch of VICI here at MIPIM will take our Build to Rent service to another level.”

“It is a fast-growing sector and there is a huge amount of investment going into it. We are therefore excited about what the future has in store as we introduce the VICI platform to investors and developers.”

Neelam Saihjpal, VICI Director, Centrick

Alongside Centrick Founder James Ackrill, Managing Director Phil Johns, and well as industry veteran Jane Morcom, will also attend the VICI launch.

Holding the launch at MIPIM, the Directors at Centrick are set to meet with their clientele, investors, and developers in Cannes on Wednesday 15 March 2023.