Monday, May 17, 2021
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Read the latest opinions and insights from the Build to Rent (BTR) sector.

Managing neighbourhoods such as Belmont Build to Rent scheme - Sigma Capital Group | BTR News

Managing neighbourhoods in a post-Covid world

Sigma Capital explore how managing a large Build to Rent portfolio has changed in the last year and lessons learned.
Build to Rent scheme - Venture | BTR News

The Venture BTR Series: 01 – It’s all about the demographics

Venture - the specialist project arm of Workman – shares the first in a four part BTR series from an investors point of view, starting with demographics.
Farhan Urfi, Senior Creative Director, Small Back Room | BTR News

Brand: Build to Rent means owning a lifestyle, not a house

BTR means owning a lifestyle so branding for a company or its residential development is vital – one which evolves as circumstances change.
Lounge area - London & City Design Group | BTR News

Build to Rent developments should ensure ESG practice

Build to Rent developments and their contents should ensure environmental, social and governance (ESG) practice, as it’s coming to the forefront of residents and corporate investors.
London and Canary Wharf - Home Made | BTR News

Part two of The Build to Rent Paradox

  • Supply, demand, seasonality, and what these factors mean for a development’s leasing velocity.
  • Seasonality on steroids: a look back at 2020.
  • How do you source quality applicants, at speed and scale, regardless of fluctuating levels of supply and demand in the local area?
  • A modern alternative to the expensive and obsolete traditional agency model.
Deansgate Square, Manchester. Adaptable communal spaces. | Manor Interiors | BTR News

Adaptable BTR communal spaces for a post Covid world

Covid-19 has created the unpredictable, so can multifunctional communal spaces play its part in the built environment?
Build to Rent development - Home Made | BTR News

Part one of The Build to Rent Paradox

  • Data-driven Build to Rent marketing: a reflection on past, present and future strategies.
  • What data tells us about the future of Build to Rent.
  • Maximising ROI on marketing spend and lowering the cost of acquiring residents.
  • Resident acquisition in a post-Covid market: is your business ready?
Houses for Build to Rent - Photo by Pavlo Rekun on Unsplash - Prominence Homes | BTR News

The concrete math driving Build to Rent

CEO of Prominence Homes demystifies Build to Rent for the average investor – and discusses its success based on concrete maths.
Single Family Rental and Suburban BTR - Hearthstone IM | BTR News

Build to Rent moves to the ‘burbs

Scarlett Land and Development share their insights on the rise of Build to Rent - and its suburban expansion.
Vantage Point BTR, residential property. Image credit - Essential Living. Ringley | BTR News

A case for residential property

The Group Managing Director of Ringley puts forward the case for residential property, the world’s largest – and arguably the oldest - asset class.