Wednesday, April 14, 2021

BTR Opinions

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Angel Gardens atrium | BTR News

Spearheading tech-integration in a Covid-era

Moda Living discuss their approach to technology, which plays a vital role in every area of our Next Generation Neighbourhoods.
Planning white paper insights - Moda Living | BTR News

Insights on planning white paper and its impact on Build to Rent

Moda Living’s Planning Director provides insights on the ‘Planning for the Future’ White Paper and discusses what impact it may have on the Build to Rent sector.
Technology - MRI Software | BTR News

Leveraging flexible technology to meet the evolving needs of renters

Demand for Build to Rent homes continue to grow, and as it does, MRI Software discuss the role technology plays in supporting business growth as well as meeting the evolving needs of renters.
Communal area, Build to Rent - Ringley Group | BTR News

Build to Rent can lead a revolution in housing

The Build to Rent sector looks to change the way housing is delivered and managed, with Modern Methods of Construction and digital solutions driving change.
Fire place in lounge | BTR News

Has your development lost its vision? Sharpening the focus on experience

The property industry has woken up to the value of customer experience (CX). It’s no longer a ‘nice to have’ but something which is core to a development’s success, making sure it meets the needs of the people who will ultimately work, live in or visit a new space. We know investing in CX is worthwhile, but do we know what best practice looks like and how to deliver it?
Lounge area - BTR News | CBRE

Build to Rent – resilience in the face of Covid

CBRE explores how Covid-19 has impacted Build to Rent occupancy levels and rent collection - and looks ahead at the investment market outlook.
The Wullcomb, Leicester

The impact of Covid-19 on Build to Rent design and interiors

Given the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Domus Group discuss whether the design of Build to Rent schemes will be affected.
Dining room - Angel Gardens Build to Rent development

Q&A: Build to Rent operator discusses lockdown, wellbeing, tech and key lessons

Moda Living's MD - Johnny Caddick - discusses wellbeing and tech, how they adapted during lockdown, and key lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic that should be considered in the future of the Build to Rent sector.
Moda Build to Rent scheme

Britain’s housing need and the role of Build to Rent

Moda Living’s Planning Director discusses Britain’s housing need and the role of Build to Rent, which is set up to ‘Deliver, Deliver, Deliver’.
View of buildings

Airbnb has evolved into the perfect partner for Build to Rent

Lavanda discuss why Airbnb is a primary channel for acquiring long-term tenants, and why this is good news for Build to Rent players.