Wednesday, April 14, 2021

BTR Opinions

Read the latest opinions and insights from the Build to Rent (BTR) sector.

People behind the BTR numbers for brand - Navana Property Group | BTR News

Why Build to Rent needs to embrace brand

Navana Property Group argue the case for a more focused look at brand in Build to Rent.
Prescot Park Build to Rent scheme - Sigma Capital | BTR News

Pro-buying Britain – modern day attitudes towards renting

Following the release of Sigma Capital’s industry research, the company explore the report and the attitudes it has revealed.
Sustainable construction - Bhangals Construction Consultants | BTR News

Why we need to invest in a sustainable construction industry

Bhangals Construction Consultants provide an insight into the current challenges facing sustainable construction projects.
Square Mile Farms, Paddington Central | BTR News

5 Reasons why Vertical Farming can be the future of Build to Rent

Square Mile Farms discuss why vertical farming can be the future of Build to Rent, supporting wellbeing, creating engagement and experiences, and contributing to a sustainable future.
Covid render amenity space - Triadic Labs | BTR News

Build to Rent should accelerate plans for technology and workspace to make the most...

Triadic Labs discuss how BTR can create entire developments virtually – offering fully online and immersive experiences, which also enables the marketing of rooms much earlier than practical completion.
The Hub - Rendall & Rittner | BTR News

How Rendall & Rittner are managing shared facilities in the Covid era

Rendall & Rittner share how they are managing shared facilities, and how lockdown has provided insights that will influence the design and planning of facilities in future schemes.
Build to Rent technology - technologywithin | BTR News

The value of adding technology to Build to Rent schemes

technologywithin discuss the benefits of connectivity, machine learning, AI and IoT within BTR buildings, with tech-enabled systems pointing the way to the future.
Angel Gardens courtyard - Moda Living | BTR News

Q&A with Moda Living’s MD – Johnny Caddick

Q&A with Johnny Caddick, who discusses how Moda Living coped during Covid, its BTR pipeline and ESG strategy, and the future of the sector.
A CGI of Wise Living's development in Rotheram in partnership with contractor Engie | BTR News

How Build to Rent can help developers reduce risk

Wise Living discuss how Build to Rent can reduce the risk for developers, lowering the risk of shifting housing stock and adding another income stream.
Bedroom: John Nassari photography - Hatch | BTR News

Interview with Hatch’s Head of Build to Rent

Hatch’s Head of Build to Rent - Jodie Wardell - sits down with BTR News and talks changes in the market and a bright future for Build to Rent.