Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Full fibre infrastructure in Build to Rent homes - VX Fiber

Full Fibre to Build to Rent homes: A changing world demands a change of...

As the world has transformed into a ‘new norm’, work environments have changed and residents’ priorities have shifted, it places demands on a change of infrastructure, as discussed by VX Fiber.
Houses for Build to Rent - Photo by Pavlo Rekun on Unsplash - Prominence Homes | BTR News

The concrete math driving Build to Rent

CEO of Prominence Homes demystifies Build to Rent for the average investor – and discusses its success based on concrete maths.
Fire place in lounge | BTR News

Has your development lost its vision? Sharpening the focus on experience

The property industry has woken up to the value of customer experience (CX). It’s no longer a ‘nice to have’ but something which is core to a development’s success, making sure it meets the needs of the people who will ultimately work, live in or visit a new space. We know investing in CX is worthwhile, but do we know what best practice looks like and how to deliver it?
Lu2on by Strawberry Star - Elevated Retail Promenade (Phase 1 and 2)

Covid-19 and the changing profile of international investors

As several countries remain in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, global residential and commercial investment property specialist, Strawberry Star Group, look at how this is changing the make-up of overseas investors in the UK.
Square Mile Farms, Paddington Central | BTR News

5 Reasons why Vertical Farming can be the future of Build to Rent

Square Mile Farms discuss why vertical farming can be the future of Build to Rent, supporting wellbeing, creating engagement and experiences, and contributing to a sustainable future.
External of building, Angel Gardens Build to Rent

Agile working will make BTR more attractive to consumers and investors

Apache Capital discuss how the drive towards agile working - during and after the pandemic - will make highly amenitised and serviced Build to Rent especially attractive to both residents and investors.
Build to Rent development - Home Made | BTR News

Part one of The Build to Rent Paradox

  • Data-driven Build to Rent marketing: a reflection on past, present and future strategies.
  • What data tells us about the future of Build to Rent.
  • Maximising ROI on marketing spend and lowering the cost of acquiring residents.
  • Resident acquisition in a post-Covid market: is your business ready?
Communal area, Build to Rent - Ringley Group | BTR News

Build to Rent can lead a revolution in housing

The Build to Rent sector looks to change the way housing is delivered and managed, with Modern Methods of Construction and digital solutions driving change.
Build to Rent is more than just flats

Build to Rent in a Covid-19 world

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented uncertainty and challenging times for the property sector. But the Build to Rent model is proving to be advantageous, well poised to step into the supply side of the market and is an asset class that can deliver in a Covid-19 world.
Sustainable construction - Bhangals Construction Consultants | BTR News

Why we need to invest in a sustainable construction industry

Bhangals Construction Consultants provide an insight into the current challenges facing sustainable construction projects.