Monday, January 25, 2021
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The future of a thriving residential community in Build to Rent

Communities are the heartbeat of Build to Rent schemes. With the changes imposed by Covid-19, StarRez share their insights on the future of a thriving residential community.
Lounge at 10 George Street Build to Rent scheme

Vertus maintains community spirit in the midst of lockdown

Vertus reimagines itself to ensure residents stay active, inspired and engaged during lockdown.
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Webinar: What should Build to Rent operators consider during Covid-19?

A webinar dedicated to the Build to Rent sector is streaming live this week, with a line-up of Build to Rent experts.
Wine cellar - BTR News

The emergence of a temporary new meaning for coliving

The meaning of coliving in Build to Rent buildings has temporarily changed while we adjust to a new way of living amid the coronavirus epidemic.
Lounge area - AMA Research | BTR News

Which amenities do renters want from their Build to Rent home?

More internal amenities please and let’s leave on-street car parking as a thing of the past.