Capital&Centric’s Weir Mill reaches key milestone

The restoration of the historic Weir Mill site is continuing to take shape as two giant cranes appear on Stockport’s skyline.

Current progress on the restoration of the historic Weir Mill site which is continuing to take shape - Capital&Centric | BTR News
Current progress on the restoration of the historic Weir Mill site which is continuing to take shape.

The restoration of the historic Weir Mill site is continuing to take shape as two giant cranes appear on site. The work to preserve the building will create new homes and public space, transforming the site into a new Build to Rent neighbourhood.

Construction at Capital&Centric’s town centre project started last summer. With the foundations for two new apartment blocks now laid, the towering cranes (50m and 31m tall) have begun to build the homes that will add to Stockport’s skyline.

Over 100 people are now working to deliver the £60m transformation of the Grade II listed historic landmark to create a new neighbourhood at the heart of the town centre. Once complete in 2024, the development will include 250 design-led Build to Rent apartments, green outdoor hangouts, indie bars, restaurants and shops.

“There’s such as buzz around Stockport right now and so much happening that’ll change the feel of the town centre for the better. The cranes punctuating Stockport’s skyline are a really visible sign of progress and the scale of ambition to turn brownfield land into new neighbourhoods that pull a crowd. We’re powering ahead with both the painstaking work of restoring the mills as well as the neighbouring new builds.

“More and more people are waking up to Stockport’s charm and are wanting to call it home. Weir Mill will cater to that rocketing demand for homes while creating a community of people living right in the centre. That’s a real shift for Stockport, increasing footfall and bringing a new dynamic to town.”

Adam Higgins, Co-Founder, Capital&Centric

Weir Mill is intended to be a destination in Stockport’s Town Centre West masterplan – a 130-acre regeneration district being driven by Stockport Mayoral Development Corporation (MDC), which will see the delivery of 4,000 new homes, alongside local amenities, green spaces, new workspace and transport improvements.

The red-brick interiors of the existing mill buildings have been stripped back and cleaned up to reveal the historic features. Capital&Centric’s restoration aims to retain as many of the original features as possible.

“This is a momentous occasion for Stockport as work starts to transform this area of the town centre into a new £60m neighbourhood, providing hundreds of much-needed new homes, as well as vibrant outdoor spaces and even more great leisure facilities for people to visit and enjoy. Confidence from the private sector has never been better, and the fact that we’re attracting renowned developers like Capital&Centric to take this project forward speaks volumes.

“Weir Mill will complement our other ambitious projects in the town centre, such as the new Transport Interchange, Stockport Exchange and improvements to Merseyway. I’m looking forward to seeing plans progress and this historic building being brought back to life again.”

Cllr Mark Hunter, Leader, Stockport Council

The plans are MDC’s Town Centre West masterplan, an integral part of the £1bn town centre transformation.

“The work Capital&Centric is undertaking to revive this historic building is vital in enabling us to create much-needed new town centre homes and giving underutilised spaces back to the community.

“The arrival of the cranes just months after work on site began last year demonstrates the pace at which work is progressing, and the MDC’s continued commitment to the delivery of the Town Centre West masterplan. This year is a significant year for Stockport, with developments such as Weir Mill, alongside the new Interchange scheme and the next phase of Stockport Exchange all nearing completion.

“Stockport is already being dubbed one of the most exciting towns to live in the UK, and the culmination of these developments will enable Stockport to set a new benchmark for town centres, not just in the Greater Manchester region, but across the UK.”

Lord Bob Kerslake, Chairman, Stockport MDC