Build to Rent operators’ responses to the General Election result

We’ve compiled some comments from Build to Rent operators on their responses to this morning’s General Election result.

BTR operators’ responses to the General Election result | BTR News
Image credit: Nick Youngson, on, under Creative Commons 3 - CC BY-SA 3.0.

Here from some Build to Rent operators who have provided comments on this morning’s General Election result, which will see Sir Keir Starmer become the new prime minister following the final address from Rishi Sunak.

James Blakey, Planning Director, Moda Group

“Labour has rightly put housing at the forefront of its election campaign, so we are optimistic and stand ready to work with the new government on delivering the significant number of new homes the country so desperately needs.

“The new government needs to more fully recognise the distinction between traditional private rental and institutionally funded, professionally managed rental homes and neighbourhoods. The opportunity to deliver high quality Build to Rent homes at scale and at pace is huge. The UK’s renters deserve safe, secure homes and the Build to Rent sector is ready to deliver, provided it’s not inhibited by restrictive policies with unintended consequences.

“Our immediate priority will be to work closely with our political stakeholders to shape housing policy in a way that supports investment, growth and long-term environmental and social benefits for our communities.”

Rick de Blaby, Chief Executive, Get Living

“Today’s General Election result has provided some much-needed clarity after a very uncertain political period. Now we quite simply need to get going. We know it’s impossible to solve the country’s problems overnight, but as we find ourselves in the midst of a nationwide housing crisis where new homes of all tenures are badly needed, what we urgently need is a grand vision and a comprehensive plan to fix this crisis, which recognises development as a force for good and enables us to attract the capital required to build.

“Everyone knows that our planning process is not fit for purpose and is holding the UK back from delivering at the scale that we could and should be. We welcome any support that will help alleviate these issues, but are also mindful that with any increase in housing must come the essential infrastructure to support it. With this in mind, it will be interesting to see how Labour intends to progress its plans around new towns. On paper, this would help to bridge the gap but there are some concerns around the viability of these projects. My view is that, where possible, the industry needs to be using its expertise to deliver the substantial infrastructure required to create places that will stand the test of time.

“At Get Living, in addition to several new rental neighbourhoods across the UK, we’re currently working on our Elephant and Castle Town Centre development. Once complete in 2026, the scheme is set to be a new destination in London and will stand as a case study for urban, mixed-use regeneration projects, enabled by public-private partnerships and an innovative approach to development. The first phase will bring forward almost 500 new homes for rent to the area, including 172 affordable homes, in addition to a new state-of-the-art campus for UAL’s London College of Communication, shops, restaurants and cultural, leisure and work spaces. The development will also provide major infrastructure improvements to public transport, including a new entrance to the Northern Line Underground.

“Elephant & Castle is a great example of what can be achieved through development in terms of new homes, jobs, support for local businesses, engagement with communities and contribution to local economies. Although this won’t be possible on every development, if we want to be driving meaningful, positive change across the country, we need to be working closely with central and local Governments in pursuit of these opportunities.”

Helen Gordon, CEO, Grainger plc

“We look forward to working with the new Labour Government to support them in achieving the delivery of 1.5 million new homes, whilst driving economic growth nationally.

“We are optimistic that with the new Government in place, now is the time to move forward with implementing measures to improve standards for the 5m+ rental households across the UK, creating a better experience for renters, whilst supporting landlords, and encouraging investment into more much needed high quality rental homes.”