Build to Rent internet certification expands in Dublin

WiredScore rates and certifies buildings in terms of internet connectivity - and has already signed up 1,800 Build to Rent homes in Dublin, as the service continues to expand.

Dublin - WiredScore certification | BTR News

Established in 2013 in New York, WiredScore entered the Irish market to provide commercial certification to buildings – to include Wilton Park, the European headquarters for LinkedIn. In May 2019, they launched a certification for the Build to Rent market – and have expanded in Dublin with 1800 homes already signed up for certification.

A survey conducted by WiredScore reported that 92% of respondents had connectivity issues in their homes. Out of over 2,000 adults surveyed, over a third said they wouldn’t have moved into their current home if they knew how bad the WIFI was.

“Demand for connectivity within the home has increased exponentially over the last 10 years, and by all forecasts will continue to grow rapidly.”

William Newton, President and Managing Director, WiredScore

The certification system for Build to Rent buildings create a benchmark so operators and residents have a good understanding of their building’s internet connectivity potential – just like an energy efficiency certificate. WiredScore can measure the quality of internet providers, the bandwidth capabilities, and the reliability of connections that are based on the building’s infrastructure.

WiredScore say their certification can help Build to Rent operators proactively identify and rectify potential issues within existing assets, as well as provide developers with help to address issues prior to buildings being constructed. 

Launch partners for the certification scheme in Dublin included Tristan Capital, Patrizia, Irish Life Investment Managers, Kennedy Wilson and Round Hill Capital.  The latter – Bridgefield Build to Rent scheme includes 216 apartments in Dublin 9 – and was one of the first residential developments in the Republic to be certified as part of the WiredScore Home programme.