BTR industry’s reaction to Jenrick’s departure

Read the Build to Rent industry’s reaction to the departure of Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick in Boris Johnson’s reshuffle.

Robert Jenrick. Image credit: Chris McAndrew, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons | BTR News
Robert Jenrick. Image credit: Chris McAndrew, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Robert Jenrick has been sacked as Housing Secretary as part of Boris Johnson’s cabinet reshuffle. Hear reactions from the Build to Rent industry.

James Blakey, Planning Director, Moda Living

“During Robert Jenrick’s time as Secretary of State for Housing, the government has taken important steps toward embracing the opportunities that Build to Rent presents both the UK housing sector and the economy. His keynote address at RESI Convention last week, in which he acknowledged the importance of the sector, was welcomed by Moda and the wider Build to Rent community.

“However, there is still much work to be done and for Build to Rent to realise its vast potential in the UK, the sector will need the active support of Central Government and the new housing secretary. We look forward to working with the new Secretary of State for Housing and would encourage them to visit one of our dynamic and diverse neighbourhoods in the coming months.” 

Richard Simpson, Chief Executive, Watkin Jones Group

“The new Housing Secretary faces a busy in-tray but relieving pressure on renters from the sharply growing supply and demand gap in the rental market must be a priority. Building more great quality homes for rent is the only way forward and will bring enormous benefits, including helping first time buyers save for a deposit. Build to Rent is growing fast but could do significantly more with effective planning reform and active support for what remains a new and developing sector.”

Félicie Krikler, Director, Assael Architecture

“The revolving door of housing secretaries continues with the sacking of Robert Jenrick MP, meaning the sector now has had three different secretaries of states in as many years. The government needs stability and leadership if it is to bring forward policies that clarify questions over design, quality and delivery methods concerning the homes we build.

“Understanding and addressing the issues in the market takes time and effort, and while another secretary gets to grips with this complex role, the housing and high-street crises will continue to unfold.”