BoConcept announces sponsorship of BTR News

Leading Danish furniture brand BoConcept announces its official sponsorship of BTR News, solidifying its commitment to becoming one of the leading suppliers to the Build to Rent sector. 

Colindale living area, furnished by BoConcept who announces sponsorship of BTR News

Announcing an exciting collaboration between BoConcept and BTR News! BoConcept, a renowned global brand and leader in contemporary furniture and design, has chosen to sponsor BTR News, reflecting its commitment to supporting the growth and development of the Build to Rent industry.

With a presence in over 65 countries, BoConcept is an internationally recognised brand known for its customisable, functional and sustainable furniture solutions. Bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the partnership, their core values of design, quality and innovation aligns perfectly with the Build to Rent sector’s mission to provide high quality, modern living spaces for a diverse range of tenants, whilst also keeping an eye on environmental responsibility.

BoConcept has already established a strong and expanding footprint within the Build to Rent market. Over the past five years, BoConcept has furnished over 3,000 Build to Rent homes in the UK, with more than 2,000 pipelined for delivery. This solidifies its reputation as a trusted partner for developers and property managers.

“Stay tuned for the latest developments, trends, and expert insights in the Build to Rent sector, and discover how BoConcept’s furniture solutions can elevate the living experience in Build to Rent communities. We are excited about the future of this partnership and the positive impact it will have on the Build to Rent industry.”

Michel Baumgart, Commercial Director, BoConcept

With the company’s dedication to delivering high-quality, contemporary furniture solutions that align with the modern and sophisticated lifestyles of urban dwellers, BoConcept has become a ‘go-to’ choice for those seeking to create inviting and stylish living spaces in the heart of the Build to Rent sector’s growth. This impressive track record underscores BoConcept’s commitment to enhancing the Build to Rent experience and its recognition as a preferred furniture provider in the dynamic Build to Rent landscape.

This collaboration presents an ideal synergy between a brand committed to quality and sustainability and a publication committed to shaping the Build to Rent sector’s future.

“BTR News is delighted to welcome BoConcept as a sponsor. Alongside their core values of design, quality and innovation, the company’s commitment to sustainability and dedication to enhancing the Build to Rent sector aligns perfectly with our values and ambitions.”

Nick Biring, Co-founder, BTR News