Bidwells appoints new Head of Operational Living

The strategic move is a significant step towards Bidwells capitalising on the growing operational living market.

Bidwells has appointed Iain Murray as its new Head of Operational Living | BTR News
Bidwells has appointed Iain Murray as its new Head of Operational Living.

Property consultancy Bidwells has recently announced the appointment of experienced operational living expert Iain Murray who was previously Senior Director – Build to Rent Consultancy (Europe) at Cortland Consult.

Iain’s appointment is expected to drive growth and innovation in the business, while enhancing Bidwells’ standing in the operational living market by offering clients an end-to-end consultancy experience.

“Joining Bidwells represents a great opportunity not just for growth but also for innovation in the operational living space. With Bidwells’ deep residential capability and my team’s market insight, we will create a unique offer within the sector. We look forward to leveraging our combined strengths to provide a service that spans from initial concept to operational delivery.”

Iain Murray, Head of Operational Living, Bidwells

Leading the firm’s ambitious growth plans, Kelly Bream joined the consultancy in February 2023. She spent nine years as Operations Director at the Berkeley Group, where she worked on high-profile projects such as One Tower Bridge and Woodberry Down. She also co-founded VervLife, a specialist Build to Rent and co-living consultant and operator.

“The appointment of Iain and his team not only enhances our service offer but signifies our intent to deliver a unique and integrated offering backed by significant client-side experience. This move is a clear indication of our ambition to lead and innovate within the industry, ensuring we continue to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our clients.”

Kelly Bream, Chief Operating Officer, Bidwells