Automated lettings platform – PlanetRent – launches new tenant app

Automated lettings platform - PlanetRent - has launched a brand-new app for tenants, providing a ‘click of a button’ to sort out issues.

PlanetRent tenant app - Ringley Group | BTR News

Automated lettings platform – PlanetRent – is announcing the launch of its native tenant app, giving renters greater transparency and the ability to sort any issues at the click of a button. 

PlanetRent has been developed in-house by residential property consultancy Ringley Group, which manages thousands of homes across the country – and has invested over £2m in creating a suite of technological products for the residential market. The Ringley Group originally brought forward the launch of PlanetRent to help landlords and agents cope with the Government’s restrictions of social distancing in response to the coronavirus pandemic – providing a platform to simplify the lease-up process.

“Having launched PlanetRent earlier this year, we’re now delighted to bring our tenant-facing app to market, enabling renters to access their portal directly from their smartphone, meaning they can do everything from requesting repairs to accessing key documents such as their tenancy agreement while on the move with a simple touch of a button.”

Mary-Anne Bowring, Group Managing Director at Ringley and Creator of PlanetRent

Through the PlanetRent app, tenants can access documents such as their tenancy agreement, gas safety certificate and inventory checklist. The app also lets tenants log repairs and maintenance requests – avoiding the need to email or call their landlord, which streamlines the process for all parties. 

The app will then notify tenants when maintenance or repairs have been completed, and all the documents can be accessed at the click of a button. Tenants will also benefit from access to the floorplans of their home as well as utility references through the app. 

PlanetRent connects tenants, landlords, agents, contractors, accountants and any site staff through their own portal. They can access the data they need to allow them to transact from the comfort and safety of their home. PlanetRent has been designed to simplify and streamline the lettings process while decreasing administration time and reducing costs.

“With another lockdown or further social distancing restrictions imminent, the ability to work remotely and seamlessly while minimising human contact will be crucial and PlanetRent will help landlords, agents, contractors and tenants do exactly that.”

Mary-Anne Bowring, Group Managing Director at Ringley and Creator of PlanetRent