Monday, March 1, 2021

BTR News team


Coronavirus shock shows TfL right to diversify into Build to Rent

Mary-Anne Bowring, Managing Director of residential property consultancy, Ringley discusses why Transport for London was right to diversify into the Build to Rent sector with its joint venture with Grainger.

How building management teams are boosting morale in coronavirus lockdown

HomeViews Co-founder explains how Build to Rent management teams are boosting residents' morale during the coronavirus lockdown.


Build to Rent – resilience in the face of Covid

CBRE explores how Covid-19 has impacted Build to Rent occupancy levels and rent collection - and looks ahead at the investment market outlook.

The missing piece of the BTR jigsaw – and an important one

Love to Rent discuss the missing piece of the Build to Rent jigsaw and its importance within the sector.

The world has changed – what next for Build to Rent?

Covid-19 is a generational event that will impact the way people live, work and behave long after the pandemic has been controlled and a vaccine produced. But what will the impact be on the Build to Rent sector?

Webinar: BTR in 2020 – why now is the time to start building towards a greener future

Community Utilities is hosting a webinar to discuss why now is the right time to start building towards a greener future.