Monday, May 17, 2021

BTR News team


The concrete math driving Build to Rent

CEO of Prominence Homes demystifies Build to Rent for the average investor – and discusses its success based on concrete maths.

Build to Rent moves to the ‘burbs

Scarlett Land and Development share their insights on the rise of Build to Rent - and its suburban expansion.

A case for residential property

The Group Managing Director of Ringley puts forward the case for residential property, the world’s largest – and arguably the oldest - asset class.

Top 5 building factors for better resident quality of life: #4

Welcome to Episode Two of the five-part educational series from LifeProven Wellbeing Property Consultancy on how Build to Rent providers can better leverage Health & Wellbeing to improve financial outcomes.

London co-living market: 2020 learnings and 2021 outlook

Built Asset Management delve into 2020 learnings from the London co-living market and provide an outlook for the coming year.

The value of good design in Build to Rent

AGC in collaboration with Dataloft reveal the latest statistics behind a premium Build to Rent service.

The missing piece of the BTR jigsaw – and an important one

Love to Rent discuss the missing piece of the Build to Rent jigsaw and its importance within the sector.

Post-pandemic sustainability: why tech and connectivity are the answer for future-proof BTR

technologywithin discuss why tech and connectivity can future-proof Build to Rent developments - ensuring buildings continue to evolve in line with a growing sustainability agenda.

BTR sector and proptech firms are pursing the same goal – it’s time to work together

Proptech firms and the Build to Rent sector are pursuing the same goal – and flatfair discuss why the next big strides in Build to Rent are accomplished hand-in-hand.

The synergies between PBSA, BTR and Co-living

One of the emerging trends we are excited to see and be involved in is the expansion of Purpose-Built student Accommodation Providers (PBSA) into the very complimentary Co-living (Co-liv) and Build to Rent (BTR) markets.


Coliving operators and the Build to Rent market – what do developers need to know?

Global funding for coliving has increased 210% year on year to June 2019 – so it’s easy to see why the concept has gained attention from developers. Built Asset Management discuss what developers need to know about coliving operators and the Build to Rent market.

Why Build to Rent needs to embrace brand

Navana Property Group argue the case for a more focused look at brand in Build to Rent.

How to drive resident satisfaction in your Build to Rent scheme

Following the Tenant Satisfaction Summit, we sum up the key learnings about how to drive resident satisfaction in a Build to Rent scheme.

Covid-19 and the changing profile of international investors

As several countries remain in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, global residential and commercial investment property specialist, Strawberry Star Group, look at how this is changing the make-up of overseas investors in the UK.