Saturday, January 23, 2021

BTR News team


Why we need to invest in a sustainable construction industry

Bhangals Construction Consultants provide an insight into the current challenges facing sustainable construction projects.

5 Reasons why Vertical Farming can be the future of Build to Rent

Square Mile Farms discuss why vertical farming can be the future of Build to Rent, supporting wellbeing, creating engagement and experiences, and contributing to a sustainable future.

Wellness in design – the optimum built environment

Moda provides an insight into wellness in design within its Build to Rent schemes, and how it must be stitched into the fabric of a building.

Build to Rent should accelerate plans for technology and workspace to make the most of post-Covid demand

Triadic Labs discuss how BTR can create entire developments virtually – offering fully online and immersive experiences, which also enables the marketing of rooms much earlier than practical completion.

How Rendall & Rittner are managing shared facilities in the Covid era

Rendall & Rittner share how they are managing shared facilities, and how lockdown has provided insights that will influence the design and planning of facilities in future schemes.

Begin to reimagine: Canary Wharf’s hottest new development reveals its latest pet-friendly BTR show floor

AGC kicks off its Build to Rent partnership with Vertus, as Canary Wharf’s hottest new development reveals its latest pet-friendly show floor.

The importance of staff recognition in tough times

The Property Recruitment Company discuss the importance of staff recognition during these difficult times, with practical solutions to support them.

The value of adding technology to Build to Rent schemes

technologywithin discuss the benefits of connectivity, machine learning, AI and IoT within BTR buildings, with tech-enabled systems pointing the way to the future.

How Build to Rent can help developers reduce risk

Wise Living discuss how Build to Rent can reduce the risk for developers, lowering the risk of shifting housing stock and adding another income stream.

Spearheading tech-integration in a Covid-era

Moda Living discuss their approach to technology, which plays a vital role in every area of our Next Generation Neighbourhoods.


Q&A: Build to Rent operator discusses lockdown, wellbeing, tech and key lessons

Moda Living's MD - Johnny Caddick - discusses wellbeing and tech, how they adapted during lockdown, and key lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic that should be considered in the future of the Build to Rent sector.

BTR sector and proptech firms are pursing the same goal – it’s time to work together

Proptech firms and the Build to Rent sector are pursuing the same goal – and flatfair discuss why the next big strides in Build to Rent are accomplished hand-in-hand.

Qualifications to support the Build to Rent sector

The Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) have tailored courses and qualifications for Build to Rent – to support the fast-growing sector.

Webinar: Technology in BTR – inside the construction process

SmartRent are hosting a webinar - with five big names - to discuss technology within the Build to Rent sector – including the latest building technologies.