Monday, May 17, 2021

BTR News team


How to drive resident satisfaction in your Build to Rent scheme

Following the Tenant Satisfaction Summit, we sum up the key learnings about how to drive resident satisfaction in a Build to Rent scheme.

Offsite Solutions develops utility pod range for Build to Rent schemes

Offsite Solutions has developed a range of utility pods specifically for Build to Rent schemes.

Interview with the Coliving Ventures Team

Our Co-founder, Nick speaks to the Coliving Ventures team about Coliving Awards and other exciting initiatives.

Front door to lights out – the complete smart home experience

SmartRent discuss the complete smart home experience for residents in Build to Rent developments and how it’s an amenity they truly value.

Tenant Satisfaction Summit virtual event

First ever Tenant Satisfaction Summit taking place virtually on 29 April, with speakers from CBRE, Round Hill Capital, Moda and many more.

Where to visit near 8 Water Street BTR scheme in Canary Wharf

AGC Associate, Charlotte Robertson shares her top places to visit in Canary Wharf now that lockdown restrictions have eased.

Ever Given grounding: the value of local supply chains brought into sharp focus

Ventura discuss issues created by long supply chains that BTR developers must consider when choosing how to fitout their projects.

Reaching net zero carbon targets in the built environment

Momentum for sustainable buildings is growing as the sector needs to prepare for the whole net zero carbon approach of the future, when it will become ‘the norm’.

We need more voices in Build to Rent to keep the sector thriving

Allsop discuss how we need more voices in the Build to Rent sector to keep it thriving, with discussions and collaboration with a wide range of people.

Managing neighbourhoods in a post-Covid world

Sigma Capital explore how managing a large Build to Rent portfolio has changed in the last year and lessons learned.


Build to Rent – resilience in the face of Covid

CBRE explores how Covid-19 has impacted Build to Rent occupancy levels and rent collection - and looks ahead at the investment market outlook.

The missing piece of the BTR jigsaw – and an important one

Love to Rent discuss the missing piece of the Build to Rent jigsaw and its importance within the sector.

The world has changed – what next for Build to Rent?

Covid-19 is a generational event that will impact the way people live, work and behave long after the pandemic has been controlled and a vaccine produced. But what will the impact be on the Build to Rent sector?

Webinar: BTR in 2020 – why now is the time to start building towards a greener future

Community Utilities is hosting a webinar to discuss why now is the right time to start building towards a greener future.