Ascend launches first SFH BTR operational expenditure tool

Ascend launches industry-first online single-family Build to Rent operational expenditure tool, offering insights to investors.

Ascend Properties Instant OpEx Generator | BTR News
Ascend Properties Instant OpEx Generator.

In an industry-first, the UK’s largest third-party operator of single-family Build to Rent – Ascend Properties – launches the sector’s first operational expenditure generator, giving investors unparalleled insight into the costs of running single-family rental (SFR) portfolios nationwide.

The Instant OpEx Generator draws on Ascend’s market-leading data – pulling from over 100,000 datapoints from over six years of managing and consulting on SFR portfolios – to deliver ‘gross to net’ and cost per home in only three clicks, with an advanced version providing a more detailed analysis in just 60 seconds. The tool can be accessed through Ascend’s website.

The Generator is a major innovation for the Build to Rent sector. For the first time, it gives investors the capability to assess the operational costs of a given asset, providing both ‘proof of concept’ when appraising a potential investment or benchmarking existing holdings’ performance. Its launch represents a continuation of Ascend’s ongoing provision of market-leading data, thought leadership and market advocacy.

Ascend has utilised its in-house data analysis and IT capabilities to deliver the budgeting tool, which uses API-linked PowerBi reporting to both provide a near-live view of operational costs and pull in further datapoints as new assets come online.

By analysing and utilising datasets from institutionally-managed homes over a year old following the lapse of warranty across its current and historic managed portfolios – to return true stabilised operational expenditure costings – as well as data from schemes Ascend has consulted on or provided benchmarking services for, Ascend’s dataset is unrivalled in the sector.

“The Instant OpEx Generator is the first time a tool such as this has been produced either for SFR or the wider Build to Rent sector, and we anticipate significant appetite from investors seeking to both assess potential costs and also benchmark their current holdings. It is a common frustration among investors and capital market teams that robust data and insights are hard to come by in such a young asset class, and we have built this tool to address that need.

“With more than two thirds of the SFR sector under Ascend’s management, the depth and reach of our data is unmatched and places us in a unique position to drive greater understanding. As SFR continues to grow, it is absolutely vital that investors have as full a picture as possible of the operational costs involved, and we see this tool as an essential part of the armoury as they look to identify new acquisitions and benchmark their performance.”

Paul Borrmann, Managing Director, Ascend

After reviewing headline operational costings, investors can discuss consultancy services for their portfolio and receive an itemised operational expenditure budget – auto-generated by the Instant OpEx Generator utilising AI and bespoke budgeting software – by contacting Ascend. The package of detailed reporting and Ascend’s consultancy services will allow investors to appraise and underwrite current or potential investments.

 “While it’s always positive to see a lot of buzz around the sector, it is imperative that investors discuss with an expert just how their portfolios will be managed, to ensure they have taken everything into consideration before committing to an investment. There are a range of operational models, best practices and nuances that new operators in the space need to consider, but may not even be aware of, and the combination of Ascend’s Generator and consultancy service is custom-made to help investors navigate the asset class.”

Paul Borrmann, Managing Director, Ascend

Ascend’s consultancy services team can be contacted by emailing