Ascend ensures 99% rent collection during Covid with hands-on support

Ascend has reported that it has collected 99% of all invoiced rent during the coronavirus crisis.

Cromwell Road, Live DifRent Build to Rent scheme - Ascend Properties | BTR News
Cromwell Road, Live DifRent Build to Rent scheme.

Manchester-based company – Ascend Properties – has reported figures from the period January to September 2020, which includes the six months of national lockdown in response to Covid-19.

During this period, Ascend has collected almost all rent owed on its growing national portfolio of Build to Rent schemes – which comprises two to four-bedroom apartments and houses in developments ranging from 50 to 100 properties. The industry average for rent collection has been 95% – with Ascend collecting 99%.

Ascend’s Build to Rent clients include Gatehouse Bank, Live DifRent, Sigma Capital Group and Simple Life. To support its ongoing growth, Ascend has added over 20 people to its Build to Rent team in 2020 – and intends to expand the team by a further 50 in 2021.

“We all know how tough this year has been for many people, without adding housing worries into the mix. We understand just how vital it is to provide high quality rental homes in the areas where they’re most needed – and to protect those renters who might require extra support from time to time.”

Ged McPartlin, Managing Director, Ascend

Ascend has worked closely with its residents throughout the pandemic to ease their concerns and provide individuals and families with flexible terms where needed. The company agreed payment plans with the people worst affected and then worked closely with residents to get their payments back up to date. 

This flexible approach has enabled Ascend to identify residents who require extra support, while maintaining a high-level of rent collection for clients.

“By putting our residents’ individual circumstances first and being flexible in our approach, we’ve worked hard to collect almost all invoiced rent. This is testament to our track record as a leading Build to Rent specialist; our knowledge of the sector and what people need from an agent, especially at difficult times.”

Ged McPartlin, Managing Director, Ascend