Allsop unveils refurbishment of The Keel in Liverpool

Allsop unveils the refurbishment of The Keel in Liverpool to enhance the Build to Rent scheme for post-pandemic living.

Co-working area at The Keel in Liverpool - Allsop | BTR News
Co-working area at The Keel in Liverpool.

Managed by UK property consultancy Allsop, The Keel, an iconic waterfront Build to Rent scheme in Liverpool has completed an extensive refurbishment, offering an enhanced rental experience and high-quality amenities that are in line with post-pandemic living trends.

North West-based design studio Jasper Sanders + Partners delivered refreshed interiors, while working to reduce the revamp’s carbon footprint through retaining as much of the structure as possible.

“Thanks to its waterfront views, city-centre location, high-quality facilities and iconic architecture, The Keel has been a sought-after place to live since its very launch. Acknowledging the shift in people’s lifestyle following the pandemic, this refurbishment will help us maintain and amplify its appeal, ensuring it remains inviting and relevant for many years to come.”

Matt Smith, Director of Asset Management, Allsop
The Keel development in Liverpool - Allsop | BTR News
The Keel development.

The design studio – whose headquarters is in nearby Manchester – methodically re-planned the layout of the arrival point at The Keel, which saw the development of a state-of-the-art co-working lounge that doubles as an events space in the evening. A small meeting room for video calls and private work was also created by making better use of space, while the reception layout was adjusted to transform it into a place to work and relax in an upbeat, communal setting.

Reception area at The Keel in Liverpool - Allsop | BTR News
Reception area at The Keel.

Jasper Sanders + Partners has created dedicated zones within the building to increase the sense of community and to allow residents to take advantage of an array of regular social activities centred around wellbeing, fitness and communal events.

“We spent a considerable amount of time optimising the space to increase activity and purpose. We have been careful to retain as much of the existing fabric of the interior as possible to limit the number of new materials and help reduce our impact on the planet. The communal spaces are a strong selling point for Build to Rent schemes, and with this in mind we have focused on creating spaces that would accommodate the changing needs of the residents while bringing them closer together as a community.”

Jasper Sanders, Design Director, Jasper Sanders + Partners
Zoom room and co-working area at The Keel in Liverpool - Allsop | BTR News
Zoom room and co-working area at The Keel.

Built in 2015 and owned by Barings, one of the world’s largest diversified real estate investment managers, The Keel spans five storeys and is located on a private quay at Queen’s Dock, minutes away from the buzz of Royal Albert Dock, home to some of Liverpool’s best restaurants and bars. The development comprises 240 premium apartments – a mix of studios, one, two and three-bedroom properties.

North apartments entrance at The Keel in Liverpool - Allsop | BTR News
North apartments entrance at The Keel.

“The Keel is a high-quality Build to Rent scheme, offering an excellent standard of living and well suited to the trends borne out of the pandemic following the delivery of a new co-working facility on site. As the sector expands, consumers are increasingly likely to want to live in developments like The Keel, which offers high levels of service and facilities, and why Build to Rent is one of our preferred investments. Allsop, as a trusted partner, recognises this and shares our drive to create the highest quality places that perform well both commercially and sustainably for our residents and the planet.”

Ben Pile, Head of European Residential Investing and Asset Management, Barings
Refurbished elevator area at The Keel in Liverpool - Allsop | BTR News
Refurbished elevator area at The Keel.

Allsop has a strong track record of delivering high-quality property management services to clients within the Build to Rent sector, looking after three other major assets in the North West – The Trilogy, Vox and Duet in Manchester. In November 2021, Allsop Lettings and Management was recognised with four awards – including a Build to Rent Talent Award, and three customer voted HomeViews Awards including the BTR Operator of the Year and BTR Asset of the Year categories, presented as part of the UKAA Annual Conference.