All the fun of the Fayre – Part Two

BTR News caught up with Dave Butler, CEO of the UKAA for Part 2 of the Build to Rent Fayre, discussing how preparations are going.

Smoothie Bike Challenge at the UKAA Build to Rent Fayre 2021 | Educated Body | BTR News
Smoothie Bike Challenge.

In part two of BTR News’ conversation with Dave Butler, CEO of the UKAA, we talked about how preparations were going for The Build To Rent Fayre.

Dave Butler: “It’s been a strange few months; when thing started opening up again in the summer, there was a rush to put on all the events that had been postponed and its pretty  full on right now. One of our key sponsors recently said to me that he hadn’t stopped going to shows for a month. So we absolutely have to make sure that we offer both great content and a great occasion to justify the time and investment that our delegates, speakers exhibitors and sponsors put into the event.”

We’ve covered the strength of the UKAA’s programme in Part One but Dave promises a few surprises still to come – he’s just announced a new session on the impact of COP26 for the Build to Rent sector and he’s expecting more this week. Dave: “We want to deliver on our promises about creating value for our members and I’m confident we are going to do this – the Best Practice Guide, Corporate Lets, Industry and Consumer recognition and more. This conference is also about setting the scene for 2022 and that means showing how the Build to Rent sector is developing and maturing – so watch this space.” 

Dave is keen to emphasise other aspects of the Fayre: “The exhibition and the reverse trade show are vital parts of the event and the industry – we’re all about helping the sector to grow faster than it would do otherwise and making it easy for suppliers of great products and services to connect with buyers is really important to that.”

The role and importance of the event sponsors in making this sort of event possible is also key to Dave: “Quadient, BoConcept, Quintain and RealPage, MRI Software, Educated Body and Mint Commercial Interiors are all great companies and great friends of the UKAA. Their commitment to the industry and to us is really appreciated and I wish them every success.” Luckily Dave also remembers to mention BTR News’ role as media partners to the Build to Rent Fayre!

Over the past four years under his leadership, the UKAA has built a reputation for putting on events that are different and we asked him what we could expect this time.

Dave: “Remember that the Fayre is all about the Build to Rent community. We wanted to see whether we could give our delegates a taste of what living in Build to Rent is really like. So on Monday before the conference, we’re organising small group study tours across London and in Manchester and then during the conference we’ll be running a series of residence experience events – covering mindfulness sessions, painting (and possibly prosecco) and Christmas wreathmaking and Juice Bikes.  

“Mental Health for our staff and our residents is an absolutely crucial topic for our members and Marina Thomas from Educated Body, our Health and Wellbeing sponsors will be helping delegates get in the right frame of mind for a day of challenge and learning. Educated Body are also supplying Juice Bikes to satisfy the needs of delegates to exercise (and create a wonderful smoothie) after sitting and listening for an hour or so. And I think there’ll be a great prize to be won!”

What about people who can’t attend in person? Dave says: “We’re working on that, and we’ll have an announcement in the next few days – anyone who is nominated for a Build to Rent award will certainly be able to participate remotely. We have had to postpone our planned live session in Manchester as the space wasn’t ready in time – but definitely next year.”

We ended our conversation by asking Dave what he thinks is the most important aspect of the conference.

Dave: “Ultimately I guess it’s all about networking and reconnecting – real estate is a people business, Build to Rent above all – we can’t preach the importance of community without doing all we can to build and support it. Maybe that’s what I’m looking forward to most – a chance to see old friends again and meet new ones and may be get out on the dance floor though that last thought won’t be shared by everyone!”

The UKAA Build To Rent Fayre 2021 study tours take place on Monday 15 November across London and Manchester, with the conference and dinner taking place on Tuesday 16 November at 131 Houndsditch.

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