AGC BTR’s top picks near Author King’s Cross BTR

AGC BTR breaks down the unmissable stops and activities near Related Argent's Author King’s Cross Build to Rent development in London.

AGC BTR has released its top picks nearby the Author King's Cross development | BTR News
AGC BTR has released its top picks nearby the Author King's Cross development.

King’s Cross, a place where everything comes together. Imagine wandering along quaint canal-side paths, discovering pockets of history around every corner, and diving into a cultural scene that’s as vibrant as it is unique.


Beyond the usual hustle and bustle, there’s a thriving community and a dynamic business hub, all wrapped up with a strong, welcoming local vibe. This neighbourhood is uniquely vibrant and endless inviting.

Nestled right in the heart of this eclectic area, you’ll find our latest creation, Author King’s Cross, perfectly placed to embrace the best of modern living. Let us reveal some of our favourite local haunts that make your next visit extraordinary.

Located just moments from Author King’s Cross, here are just a few of our favourite places…

A creative pulse – Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration

“Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration is a goodie that sparks imagination and creativity.”

Alec Watt, Founder & CEO, AGC

If you are looking for an artistic escape, The Quentin Blake for Illustration is just that—a magical gallery where illustrations and graphic arts come alive. As the first gallery in the UK dedicated entirely to illustration and graphic arts, it showcases a wide range of work from emerging talents to renowned artists. It also offers workshops and talks that explore the craft and stories behind the illustration, ensuring there’s always something new to discover.

Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration | AGC BTR | BTR News
Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration.

Literary float – Word On The Water: The London Book Barge

“Loved the idea of it, they’ve got all sorts of book titles and feels like such a novelty.”

Tori Mitchell, Director, AGC

A bookstore barge floats along the canal at King’s Cross, offering a unique twist on browsing your next read. The setup is as quirky as it gets —books are neatly stacked in every corner, with some displayed outside for easy browsing. Sometimes, the barge’s roof transforms into a stage for open mic nights and poetry slams, creating a vibrant cultural hub. Whether you’re hunting for a hidden gem or soaking up the lively atmosphere, Word on the Water promises an unforgettable visit.

The London Book Barge | AGC BTR | BTR News
The London Book Barge.

Urban oasis – Camley Street Natural Park

“Super cute spot to discover more about wildlife and nature!”

Polly Burdell, Group Director, AGC

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, Camley Street Natural Park offers a peaceful escape right in the heart of King’s Cross. Located along the banks of Regent’s Canal, this urban oasis is a haven for plants and wildlife. The reserve’s diverse habitats—including woodland, grassland, and wetlands, provide a home for a rich array of creatures. A great spot for a relaxing family day!

Camley Street Natural Park | AGC BTR | BTR News
Camley Street Natural Park.

Wine and unwind – Porte Noire Kings Cross

“A member of the Related Argent team recommended Porte Noire Kings Cross, owned by Idris Elba. It has a really nice vibe!”

Polly Burdell, Group Director, AGC
Porte Noire King's Cross | AGC BTR | BTR News
Porte Noire King’s Cross.

Porte Noire Kings Cross is the kind of spot where you can truly kick back and relax. Founded by Idris Elba, this wine bar mixes a laid-back vibe with a touch of elegance, making it the perfect place to catch up with friends over a glass of wine. Whether you’re into bold reds or crisp whites, you’ll find plenty to love in their fine selection. It’s just the right setting to unwind and share a few laughs in style.