Abacus prioritises ESG initiatives for BTR developments

Abacus Manufacturing Group incorporates ESG initiatives into their bathroom design and supply services to Build to Rent developments.

Bathroom design by Abacus who prioritise and integrate ESG criteria into its operations | BTR News
Bathroom design by Abacus who prioritise and integrate ESG criteria into its operations.

UK’s leading bathroom design and supply service to the Build to Rent market

As a key supplier to the Build to Rent market, Abacus is one of the few suppliers with the ability to supply every product required for a complete bathroom installation from concept to completion. With a rolling new product development program, Abacus is consistently innovating in its product portfolio designed for Build to Rent, and is committed to prioritising and integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria into its operations, to create a product offering that delivers above and beyond the standards that a Build to Rent customer expects.  

Driving innovation in products that commit to saving water and energy

Abacus’ product portfolio of innovative bathroom solutions designed for the Build to Rent market continues to evolve with the overall goal of supplying a complete bathroom concept that delivers on design, performance and energy conservation.  

The company has a comprehensive range of sanitaryware and fittings – all of which have been sourced to fit with their ESG agenda. These include water saving toilets such as the V&B Twist Flush WC that saves up to 19,700 litres per year, Cold-start technology taps that help to avoid unnecessarily heating water for daily rituals such as washing hands and cleaning teeth, as well as electric heating options for towel warmers and underfloor heating and LED lighting systems.

Twist Flush WC from V&B – more power, less water

V&B TwistFlush WC Subway 3.0 Wall Hung WC - Abacus Manufacturing Group | BTR News
V&B TwistFlush WC Subway 3.0 Wall Hung WC.
  • New, very thorough and water-saving flushing technology.
  • Revolutionary technology with a powerful water vortex.
  • Saves up to 19,700 litres of water a year (based on a four person household, compared to a standard six litre flush. Average use: five x per day/per person based on data from the German Environment Agency).
  • Practically brushless for added hygiene.
  • Practically no splashing meaning every drop is used for flushing (in accordance with the European standard EN 997, flushing standard ASME A112.19.2).
  • Super quiet without rushing sound.
  • Flushes virtually the entire inner surface while reducing water consumption.
  • Conical shape of the bowl finished in a CeramicPlus finish inhibits bacteria growth by 99.9%.
  • Especially good for high limescale areas.

Iso and Iso Pro Cold-Start Water Technology Taps

Iso and Iso Pro Cold-Start Water Technology Taps | BTR News

Bespoke systems – designed and installed

In addition to product supply, Abacus also offer our bespoke semi-pod working wall system. All manufactured and tested in its factory to exact client dimensions and delivered to site ready for fast and high-quality installation – saving on time, resources and avoiding unnecessary wastage. The company’s 150,000 sq ft manufacturing and distribution facility based in Harrogate offers partners the most cost-effective supply chain solutions.

Supply and installation services, coupled with its distribution and supply partnerships, allows Abacus to bring together its design, planning, manufacturing, and supply strengths with some of the world’s leading bathroom brands – enabling them to offer Build to Rent developers the highest quality build with long-lasting products.

Bespoke systems - designed and installed | BTR News
  • Hugh decrease in installation time.
  • Greatly improves consistent build quality.
  • Large reduction in on site packing materials.

Talk to Abacus to find out more

Abacus would be happy to talk through their fantastic range of bathroom products, designs and supply services for the Build to Rent market. With over 30 years’ experience in bathroom design, manufacture and supply, Abacus is able to offer tailored solutions for every client project from concept to completion. Contact Abacus today to discuss partnering with them for your bathroom solutions:

Address: Abacus, Abacus House, Jubilee Court, Copgrove HG3 3TB
Phone: +44 (0) 333 323 0399
Email: projects@abacus-bathrooms.co.uk

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