360° Residential – insights into BTR, Co-living and SFH

360° Residential provides thought leadership insights from across the residential sector, including Build to Rent, Co-living and single-family housing.

360° Residential – insights into BTR, Co-living and SFH | BTR News

360° Residential offers thought leadership insights for all property professionals across the entirety of the sector, including Build to Rent, Co-living and single-family rental housing sectors. Featuring influential players – including Dandara, Greystar, Gravity Co-living, COHO, Vonder (and many more) – the magazine provides insights into key topics relevant now. Some include:

ESG – creating a 360° ESG infrastructure

ESG isn’t a choice, but a responsibility for companies to continue evolving and growing the sector. Beyond good intentions, it’s about creating a tangible, practical plan that achieves real results.

Some insights include key ESG benchmarking from HomeViews, sustainable Build to Rent scheme – Vox, and the Reuse Revolution.

Residential communities – because community is truly a 360° concept

Community is truly a 360° concept. We rely on communities as much as it relies on us – there isn’t one without the other. Wellbeing and security are paramount to building a trusting community that supports one another and the surrounding area.

Some insights include the importance of incorporating co-working space from Chapman Taylor, Allsop’s People and Planet First culture, to driving innovation, impact and change when developing co-living communities.

Proptech – a powerful 360° digital infrastructure

A 360° digital infrastructure spans every corner of the sector. It simplifies, innovates and delivers unique results – transforming the residential landscape.

Some insights include lockdown, smart buildings and the rise of smart technology solutions by Parcel Pending by Quadient, the UK’s first holistic smart technology innovation trial in a partnership with RealPage and Greystar, and Salto’s take on technology and its potential to facilitate communities.

Build to Rent, all-in-one living and single-family housing

Residents want and deserve a positive living experience that contributes to their lives beyond facilitating basic accommodation.

Some insights include all-in-one living – a modern approach to renting by Vonder, the UK single-family housing opportunity from Moorfield Group and Godwin Developments, and high density urban living by Node Living.

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