Build to Rent (BTR) Weekly roundup

Weekly roundup of this week’s Build to Rent news

This weekly update features some of the latest Build to Rent news.

We’ve seen furniture inspired by minimalistic, Scandinavian influences at Europe’s largest regeneration project, a Build to Rent certification, a Build to Rent investment in a sought-after location in Amsterdam, to an opinion piece about TfL’s diversification into the Build to Rent market being the right decision. 

We also saw news about a Build to Rent operator in South Dublin who have offered – for free – 90 luxury apartments to healthcare workers who may have been redeployed and have nowhere to stay.


“I’ve blended into London’s fast pace lifestyle – from the morning rush hour on the tube to the meeting’s in busy coffee shops in the capital. The lockdown has forced me to slow down. It has given me the opportunity to reflective on the ‘fast way of life’ many Londoners experience and see as the norm – as I do.

“I now see the core principles of human spirit – the acts of kindness seen across the country from individual people, companies and small business owners. And I’m proud to see this among the Build to Rent sector – from operators offering free apartments to front line staff, to companies stepping forward to offer free marketing for Build to Rent developments. In a time of crisis, unity can never fail us.”

Nick Biring, Co-founder, BTR News

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